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AABN:  63822
Title: a book titled, "The Gorathian tribe"

The Gorathians were one of the ancient tribes who roamed the Great Desert.
They're known for their high intelligence and their great magical

The leader of the tribe was Grothnog and his father before him. Grothnog
passed the leadership to his son Gorthic a year before he died of old age,
during the great journey to the Ash mountains. Gorthic took the reins after
his father and helped Erathaun and Narjil to lead their people through that
rough journey.

After the deaths of Erathaun and Narjil, Gorthic became the trusted adviser
for Kerim and Brock and the three of them became the foundation which the
city stood up on. With the hard days behind him and after a few years of
being at peace, Gorthic started to walk in the mountains surrounding the
city till he found some sort of cave which goes deeper underground. He
started to spend a lot of time there and from what people gathered, he
started to lose himself slowly. His manners started to change, his thoughts
became darker and he seemed to lean towards practicing dark magic such as
raising and controlling the dead.

Brock noticed the change in his companion and started to  investigate, till
he spotted him one day in the tunnels, practicing a ritual over several
monsters of his own creation. Brock confronted him about it in front of the
king and whatever was controlling Gorthic took hold of his consciousness,
resulting in the death of the bravest man the city knew.

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