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AABN:  64139
Title: a book titled 'A Necromancer and their Minions'

Clay man is the lowest level minion. Requiring no special components to
create, the clay man has medium dexterity and good poison save.

Wood woads are a minion that requires wood to make.  The woads have very
good dexterity and cold save, but are weak to fire and lightning attacks.

The next minion is the bone guardian, which requires a corpse to create.
The bone guardians are skeletal in form and have average dexterity.  While
resistant to poison, they are weak to fire attacks.  Being skeletons, they
are weak against crushing or pounding attacks, but resistant to piercing
and slicing weapons.

Flesh beast is the next minion that also requires a corpse.  The blob form
is resistant to blunt damage but vulnerable to slashing attacks, as well as
poison and cold damage, plus they have the lowest armor class of all the
animated minions. Their dexterity is also low as well.

The last of the animated minions is the metal construct which requires
metal to create.  The mechanical form of a metal construct means that they
are susceptible to crushing and piercing weapons and have a lower
dexterity, but also gives them a good armor class as well as natural
resistance to poison, cold, and fire. Metal constructs also acquire
resistances from the items used to create them.

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