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AABN:  66119
Title: a journal on the Runelords of Kithika

Many centuries ago during the time of chaos there was a group of six
powerful giants, each was branded with hundreds of runes. They were known
aboard as the Runelords. They were Platious, the Runelord of earth,
Pilious, the Runelord of water, Narious, the Runelord of air or wind,
Farusi, the Runelord of fire, Charious, the Runelord of lightning and
Nakvinious, the Runelord of misfortune and curses.

Like the titans, these Runelords were a group of cruel and malicious beings
that truly enjoyed seeing the misery and suffering of the other races. The
Runelords were asked by Novnee, titan of plagues, to create a plague or
curse that would cause mutations and deformities amongst the elves, humans
and dwarven races.

In time they came up with a curse very similar to the chaos sickness, but
was less devastating. Unlike like the chaos sickness, in time it would run
its course and become inactive.

Like with the titans, Dentin decided to exile them to the nightmare plane.
So with the help of a few of the upper pantheon, Dentin and the rest of the
gods quickly combined their powers to bind the Runelords and to transport
them to the dreaded caverns of torment on the nightmare plane.

While they never got to unleash their curse on the world, when the gods
appeared to capture the Runelords, the Runelords set off the curse upon
their own city by mistake. This city known now as Kithika the accursed city
was quickly sealed up by the gods, who planned to deal with it later. Well
with the chaos wars and all that was going on people soon forgot about it.

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