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AABN:  66128
Title: The story of the Storm Stalkers, and the fists of Febrho

During the age of the thirteen Titans many lesser giants served them and
did their bidding. One group of these giants was known as Storm Stalkers.
The Stalkers served the Titan of storms Febrho as his personal elite guard.
In recognition of their service several hammers of great power were forged.
The hammers were known as the fists of Febrho and legends speak of them as
being mighty weapons containing the power of the storm. The weapons were
forged with the assistance of the master blacksmith Morwiljon and
enchanted by Febrho himself. Although the great war involving the titans
ended with Dentin and the other gods exiling them to the Nightmare plain
many of their servants took to the shadows awaiting their return. The Storm
Stalkers were some of those minions who withdrew into the shadows awaiting
the return of their master Febrho and with them they took those great
weapons which the Titan Febrho and the blacksmith Morwiljon had forged
thinking to challenge the gods themselves. Although it is unknown where
the Storm Stalkers may have gone to hide some rumors claim they have been
seen in the service of some great dragon found on the continent of Ramanek.

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