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AABN:  67439
Title: a book on the basics of thaumaturgy

The current page reads the following: The thaumaturgy branch of magic is
incredibly unique due to its relatively unknown technique. It has been kept
exclusively amongst many of the greater djinni that originally descended
from the plane of air. Typically taught to only the most exceptional of
students, and the knowledge only transferred from the elders of each major
family, it's no wonder the magic has such a cloud of mystery surrounding
it. More recently, the djinni have begun dabbling in more common magic
trees such as the elemental trees of mages, making the djinni magics even
more rare. Finding specific knowledge about any more advanced techniques of
thaumaturgy are incredibly rare, and only seen in the personal notes of
elder greater djinni, or found in books highly protected by djinni elders.
This text does not contain any information about specific techniques.

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