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AABN:  67445
Title: a brief guide to djinni history

The book opens to a random page: The djinni of the djinni school, recently
renamed and rebranded as the Cloud Academy, are descendents of the greater
djinni found on the massive plane of air. Long since have the djinni of
Gads Mountain resided on the plane of air, and since then they have
developed a unique culture that forms an eclectic blend of old djinni
customs and newly formed ideas. These djinni still hold onto the
well-guarded secrets of thaumaturgy, and regularly practice complex
aeromancy. In addition, due to their proximity to the prime plane of
existence, the djinni have begun forming their own unique approaches to the
elemental spell tree, necromancy, and druidic magics. Generally aloof and
choosing not to involve themselves in the political landscape of the
islands, these djinni instead observe and catalog their findings, although
these archived materials are not available to the public.

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