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AABN:  67446
Title: a book about the Cloud Academy

The Cloud Academy, long time known simply as the djinni school, is a mobile
cloud platform that has functioned as a colony of djinni for centuries.
Originally appearing from the plane of air, this platform has since
traveled about the prime plane of existence, eventually choosing to settle
somewhere less volatile. Now anchored next to the floating palace, the
academy has chosen the island of Archais as its new home. Due to a large
amount of interaction with humans and other life forms on the prime plane
of existence, these djinni have began to dabble in the magics familiar to
these groups. They have begun creating and teaching their own unique
approaches to necromancy, elemental magic, and druidic magic. Concepts such
as aeromancy are still crucial to the djinni education, and the most
intelligent and elite djinni are still trained in the art of thaumaturgy to
a lesser extent.

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