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AABN:  68728
Title: a book titled 'The Church of the Silver Flame'

The church of the Silver Flame was created several decades ago with two
goals in mind, the first was to safe guard various magical artifacts and
the other was to watch over powerful prisoners deemed dangerous to the

This powerful group is mostly made up of elves, but there are a few
halfelfs and humans as well. Once their chosen for the church, they then go
through a tough training to become a paladin or high priest.

Their main temple is located on the Island of Morjah, but smaller churches
can be found in other parts of the world. One such place is the Nightmare
plane, where they guard over two very powerful mages known as Krustallos
and Corbin.

The order of the Silver Flame follows no single god, they fight for
religious freedom and don't hold any particular god above any other. They
allow people to worship whoever they want in their churches. However, one
thing they do not allow is any kind of blood sacrifice, so that no other
god is offended.

Due to their respect for the entirity of the pantheon, the Church of the
Silver Flame has been able to establish a presence within the City of Fonts
on the plane of Purnima. They brokered arrangements with the local angelic
Inquisition that allows mortals to act as go-betweens and proxies for the
higher planes without violating the Unified Accords. As mortals can
petition angels for their services, angels in the City of Fonts can
contract mortals for help in matters where they are not allowed to directly
interfer. These contracts often involve countering demonic and teraphic
activity within the surrounding Field of Fonts.

Though they have overlapping goals, the Church of the Silver Flame and the
Order of Harmony rarely work with one another. They do, however, actively
avoid conflict with one another, and will not establish temples or dojos
within each other's territories.

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