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AABN:  68729
Title: a book titled 'The Sect of White Necromancy'

The sect of White Necromancy was created a few decades ago with the hopes
of educating people that not all necromancy is evil.

The main branch of the sect can be found on the Island of Morjah with
several smaller branches located in other places about the world. Their
biggest school can be found in the capital city of Airam.

One of their main goals is to educate people in the lighter side of
necromancy and to teach that there is a lot more to necromancy than just
the darker side that comes to mind for most. They quite often will use
their powers for the betterment of the people, cities and the regions about
where they are located.

One of the initial changes was when white necromancers started using their
own blood with the bloodbond spell to provide basic healing services to
those around them.

Not long after bloodbond was first used this way, mend bones was slightly
modified to additionally help heal living bone.

More recently, it was discovered that there is some risk when doctors need
to induce coma in a patient, but a necromancer could provide a safer
alternative with the deathly sleep spell.

Other useful necromancy includes ironblood, preservation and free spirit.

The current debate among white necromancers is if it is good to control a
demon, or if it is better to make business deals with them. While legal by
the Unified Accords, using souls as currency to traffic with demons is seen
as distasteful by some.

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