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AABN:  7037
Title: a book titled "The Lotus Monastery"

Located off to the east of Gad's Landing and up in the mountains is the
Lotus monastery.

This monastery is dedicated to enlightenment through both mental and
physical training. 

The monastery is split into two groups for the most part, the white and red
lotus monks.

The White Lotus monks seek enlightenment through prayer and study, while
the Red Lotus monks through strength and physical training.

The monks provide for their monastery in two different ways.

The White Lotus monks are wine makers and educators, often trading their
wine with the surrounding local cities, towns or villages.

The Red Lotus monks teach physical training and provide mercenary work,
often as bodyguards or as city guards like in Gad's landing. Many of the
rangers and even some of the dwarves are former students of the monastery.

Both groups although different in many ways, do share one thing and that is
the belief in the same god, which is Gandor, the god of enlightenment.

Beside having a large vineyard, there is also a church to Gandor, a decent
sized blacksmith's forge, a pretty vast library where many scholars can be
found seeking to further their studies. They quite often have jobs for
those seeking work and even a kind of proving grounds for those into that
kind of thing. 

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