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AABN:  7800
Title: a book entitled "The Dunn Hurr"

The Dunn Hurr is a geo-political region comprising the northeastern portion
of Atmir. Its western border is the Greywater. Its southern border is the
K'tinga River Valley. It is bordered on the east by the Gulf of Takar, and
on the north by the Northern Ocean and the Iron Sea. The northern
coastline, despite of being near the equator, is quite cold due to
sheltering mountains and ocean currents.

The major inhabitants of the Dunn Hurr include a robust breed of humans
known as Northerners or Dunlanders, who share the land with a variety of
fairy creatures. The Dunlanders are generally fair-skinned and dark-haired,
though there is a great deal of variation in local populations. For
example, the people of Takar tend to be darker-skinned than other
Dunlanders, while blonde and red hair is more prevelant amongst the people
of Eisdorf. They worship the High Pantheon of Dentin. In addition, they
have a unique relationship with the fairy inhabitants of the region.

Each human community has a patron fey -- a powerful fairy creature whom
they regard as a secondary lord to whom they own allegiance. Some of the
patron fey are indifferent to this veneration, others are extremely
involved in the community that has adopted them. Many of them are engaged
in mutually beneficial pacts with their fey patron. Each settlement's coat
of arms depicts its patron fey in one form or another.

Politically, the Dunn Hurr is a loose alliance of towns and villages ruled
by feudal lords (most of which share blood relations) that once swore
fealty to the Kingdom of Dunnhurst. The city of Dunnhurst, where the King
ruled, was torn from the earth in an event known as the Rivening, leaving
Lake Jungfrau in its place. To this day, no one knows why Dunnhurst was
destroyed, though most suspect some affront to their patron fey caused its

The Dunn Hurr has several over-arching organizations independent of the
feudal politics. Most Dunn Hurr settlements host a branch of the Arcane
College: a school of magic that teaches mage-craft, necromancy and alchemy.

Another prominent organization is the Society of Succor, a charitable group
presided over by the Order of the White Knights. The Society seeks to
alleviate suffering, and is known to run food pantries, soup kitchens and
offer low-cost clerical cures. Many Society of Succor members are military
veterans and retired adventurers.

A druid circle called the Sidhe Court also operates in major towns. They
cluster around old aalf ruins that exist in the heart of most Dunn Hurr
communities. They teach woodcraft and druidic rituals, broker peace with
local faeries and promote good environmental stewardship. 

The Order of Harmony operates dojos within the largest of the Dunn Hurr
settlements. The common people are very familiar with their goals of
balance, peace and discipline.

In addition, the Thieves' Guild, the Gravediggers' and Undertakers' Guild
and the Rangers' Guild all have a minor presence within the Dunn Hurr.

The current Dunn Hurr feudal states are the County of Albion, the Earldom
of Marikest, the Viscounty of Rogonia, the Duchy of Takar, the Barony of
Eisdorf and the Rittermark [the March of Ritterholm]. The city of West
Naginag was formerly the Duchy of Westfall before it fell to foreign

The leader of Anchorhead has proclaimed himself nobility, but the other
vassalages refuse to recognize his legitimacy as a Baronet. Natchsburg once
paid tribute to both Albion and Marikest and was widely considered a Dunn
Hurr city before it was conquered.

The majority of the Dunn Hurr has returned to a state of wilderness.
Smaller settlements owing allegiance to the major cities were lost, except
for a few hamlets on the east coast along the Takari Trade Road. The major
regions of the Dunn Hurr are, from roughly south to north, the Gauntlet,
the Aalfhaum Vale, the Wasserwald, the Jungfrau River and Lake, the White
Coast and the Karnash Peninsula. Ruins, fairy holdings, aalf tombs and
caves of wild beasts dot the landscape, holding secrets from older, happier

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