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AABN:  7803
Title: a book titled 'Baba Yaga and Her Hut On Fowl's Legs'

Wandering the valleys and peaks of Karnash Peninsula is a wondrous sight:
the hut on fowl's legs!

All children in the Dunn Hurr know this herald of ages: the home of the
witch, Baba Yaga. But for the uninitiated, it is an enigma. Allow this
humble writer to enlighten you.

Baba Yaga is an ancient denizen of the Dunn Hurr. Her origins are unknown,
but it is believed that she is an aalf sorceress of tremendous age and
power. She may even be a Princess of Faerie, perhaps exiled from the
Otherworld to ours. Whatever her high pedigree, her appearance is quite
humble. Accounts describe a wizened crone of great height, with pale
wrinkled skin stretched thin over bony limbs. She is clad in nothing but a
roughly spun peasant's smock.

Those that have encountered her always describe her peculiar home. It is a
hut of mud and sticks, mounted upon four magically animated legs that look
like those of a great chicken. The hut has no doors or windows, just a
stone chimney. A bold adventurer can climb up the legs and down into the

Baba Yaga is said not to mind these intrusions. She is known to be
hospitable and informal, speaking in a grandmotherly tone to her guests.
Often she will send them on a grand quest, seeking artifacts of power.
Others she has taught elemental, druidic or necromantic magic.

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