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AABN:  7805
Title: a book titled 'Relics of the Dunn Hurr'

by the Mighty Abrahael of Takar

The Dunn Hurr has a rich history dating back to the Age of Creation. The
Masters of Faerie strode amongst the younger races, contending with demons,
giants and dragons for mastery of the world. Items of great power were
forged by warring factions, save dragons who forsake such artiface.

This humble author has scoured legends and myths for the most famous of
these legendary artifacts, and I present my findings here:

The Spear of High Aalvenkind - forged from mithril with an adamantine core
and enchanted with magical toxins, this mighty thrusting weapon was wielded
by the High Aalf Lord Uman Alta against the Ice Lich of Karnash. The lich
was defeated, but Umann Alta was slain. His weapon, rendered brittle by the
lich's magic, was broken, and pieces of it are scattered across the land.

The Black Blade of Fell Aalvenkind - a double-bladed blade of terrible
speed and precision, it was the favored weapon of the wicked Fell Aalf Lord
Oiche. Legend says that an apprentice of Baba Yaga defeated Lord Oiche and
imprisoned his shade in an unbreakable prison.

The Staff of Seasons - crafted by a High Aalf druid in ancient times, this
rune-carved staff is covered by living vines. It is said to gather the
light of the sun in order to empower any druid skilled enough to tap into
its lifeforce.

The Helmet of Teeth - forged by the dread warlock Koschei, this platinum
helmet is shaped like human skull. Koschei is said to have taken teeth from
his victims and placed them in the jaws of the Helmet, bound by powerful
necromantic blood rituals to serve as reserves of power.

The Eye of Takar - this faceted gem is the size of child's fist. It is deep
red and streaked with gray bands that make it resemble the glowing eye of a
demon cat. Its origin is uncertain. All that is known is that it has been a
treasure in the keeping of the Duchy of Takar for many hundreds of years.

The Crown of Magical Harmony - this faerie artifact is worn by the rulers
of Eisdorf. It bears a cluster of star-shaped gems set into a golden arch
that rests over the wearer's brow. It is said to give insight into magic,
particularly of the elemental variety.

salamander wool - this rare fibrous material is found on high mountain
peaks. It can be spun into a heavy, coarse cloth that is exceptionally
resistant to fire. Many a Dunn Hurr noble has impressed his or her guests
by cleaning a napkin of salamander wool by passing it through fire. Very
rarely has it been made into garments which, though uncomfortable, are
tough and help the wearer resist fire.

ironheart blades - the composition of these weapons is said to create a
magical synergy that is deadly to fairy creatures. Masterfully crafted,
they were forged from naked iron, with ironwood handles and a hematite
cabochon set into the hilt. None of there blades has been known to survive,
having rusted away, possibly due to a fairy counter-curse.

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