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AABN:  7806
Title: a book titled 'Mother Anichith'

In the Age of Creation, Dentin shaped the world out of Primordial Chaos. It
was dark and unformed, and demons of all sorts sought refuge upon it. As
the darkness waned and light grew, the demons withdrew, and dragons, giants
and fairies came forth from the Otherworld to live. One of the last of the
demons to depart was Anichith.

Anichith, called Mother, is said to be the Queen of Creeping Things. She is
many-limbed, covered with thick plates of chitin. She spun webs of
darkness, in which she ensnared fairies and dragons alike. Even after she
was driven from the world during the Great Wars, it is said her descendents
live on in the form of giant insects, spiders, crabs and other arthopods.

Her most famous spawn is Muug'Vl Tal, the devourer. Its children, the
valas'trid, were used as cannon fodder during the great wars. The demon
lord Carahade is believed to be Anichith's child, and she is the mother of
the landbound branch of her family. Shadowspawn spiders are also believed
to be her direct descendants. Her worship is known amongst the drow and
includes insidious rights involving poisonous spiders.

The Apiarchs of Crepuscula contest Anichith being the progenitor of all
giant insects. They insist that they, and their extinct landborn
counterparts the Myrmidons, bred giant forms of social insects such as
bees, wasps, termites and ants to serve as guardians for their hives and
colonies. However they came about, survivors from the Great Wars were
scattered across the planes, and have established populations on numerous

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