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AABN:  7807
Title: a book entitled "A Magic Primer: Auras"

While certain spells are highly visible, such as the flickering light of a
flame shield wreathing the target or bright glow of a sanctuary spell, many
magical effects leave no visible traces. However, magic is not wholly
invisible, nor completely contained within the object or creature to which
it was bound. With a detect magic spell, a target's aura is laid bare.

Auras are fields of active mana the surround or permeate a target. These
may indicate active spells, or some inherent magic composing or animating
the target. Recent advancements in spell lore have allowed for highly
precise readings of magical auras.

There are some limitations, however. Highly magical creatures, such as
golems and some kinds of fairies, are so completely infused with magic that
their aura overwhelms any others that can be seen on the target. Divine
magic, such as from cleric spells, can also mask the presence of other
spells on the target. Creatures composed of elemental or shadow magic
radiate auras of their respective elements that can make certain spells
appear stronger than they actually area.

Magical auras manifest as color light around or overlapping the target of a
detect magic spell. These colors correspond with different kinds of magic.
The various auras are as follows:

A dark red aura indicates blood magic. The bodies of creatures infused with
blood magic will glow red. Certain magical diseases and poisons give off a
blood magic aura, as do vampires.

A flickering orange aura denotes fire magic. Creatures of the fire type
have an inherent fire magic aura.

Lightning magic has a yellow aura. The aura often sparks and jumps like
lightning. Creatures of the fire type have an inherent lightning magic

A green aura betrays the presence of life magic. This can be plant-based
druid spells or any the various physically enhancing potions, salves,
tinctures or spells.

Air spells have a sky blue aura. Creatures of the air type have an inherent
air magic aura. 

Force shield spells show up as a shimmering cyan bubble around the target.

A blue aura is visible when ice magic is present. Creatures of the ice type
have an inherent ice magic aura.

Shadow magic dims other auras and makes the target appear hazy and gray.
Creatures of the shadow type have an inherent shadow magic aura.

Illusion magic appears as ghostly after-images that follow the target,
rarely overlapping it.

Earth magic shows up as a purple aura, usually around the lower portions of
the target's body unless it is very strong. Inspite of the name, creatures
of the water, earth or crystalline types have an inherent earth magic aura.

Divine magic shows up as diffuse gold-silver glow. Angels and demons both
show an aura of divine magic. Curses can be seen with detect magic, but
their auras are much fainter than other kinds of spells.

If an undead creature has no active spells or other magical auras, its
undead state is barely visible as a brown aura.

Sometimes if there are several weak auras active on a subject, the colors
of the auras blend together. This indistinct aura is often blurred and
muddy, and the types of spells that comprise it cannot be deteremined.

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