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AABN:  907
Title: Emric's notes about Chaos

This is a collection of various scraps of paper with Emric's writing on
them.  Most of the writing is very elegant and deliberate, but some of it
looks more hurried.  The general topic is in regards to the Plane of Chaos
and how Chaos interacts with various spellgroups.  Emric spends a lot of
time describing the reactions of Chaos energy versus two spells in
particular: 'ward evil' and 'gentle repose'.  Emric seems to believe that
the energies of Chaos are forces of nature and thus cannot be stopped, but
he emphasizes that it may be possible to turn it away and minimize its
impact on Alter Aeon by redirecting the flows of its energy using the above
two spells.  Emric goes on to say that permanent runes could be created,
and, once powered-up, they could be further empowered with druidic magic to
collect sunlight and moonlight, essentially being solar and lunar powered
and thus having a perpetual source of energy.  A large section describes
something Emric calls a 'permanancy' spell.  The procedure for casting this
spell looks somewhat like that of enchanting armor or weapons.  Emric
concludes by suggesting that the Ostiarium investigate a means of creating
wardstones to place on top of the rift in Ironseed like those of the Ice

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