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AABN:  909
Title: Telengar's notes

High Priest Telengar's notes are haphazard collection of scrolls,
parchments and scraps of paper.  Much of them are covered with what appears
to be mathematical formulas, but it is not hard to make out the general
topic of each of them.  Telengar waxes eloquent about the origins and
history of the Plane of Chaos, and how he believes that it is a proto-plane
created by a long-dead deity named Tempus.  According to the High Priest,
several powerful entities have attempted to reign in Chaos and failed:
Xandar, Shadowfax, Kagome and Pyrenius being among them.  Telengar insists
in his writing that a cure for chaos sickness can be found and the effects
of the Corruption reversed by medicinal means if only the right salve or
tincture recipe could be discovered.  Telengar then writes that permanent
wards to contain Chaos would have be made of the same material that was
used to invite it to the Material Plane, and that is warpstone.  He writes
that the leaders of the Sinar'i Valley obtained warpstones from the Grae
Keep of Ramanek, and that they harvested the stones from powerful,
mysterious beings simply called the Unnamed.  Apparently, warpstones are
their excrement.  Telengar finishes by suggesting that the Ostiarium study
the writings of a priest of Schlyne named Dulladan, who apparently wrote
extensive works regarding the Plane of Chaos.

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