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AABN:  912
Title: a book entitled, 'The Rubicon Dynasty, volume 1'

The Rise and Fall of the Rubicon Dynasty, volume 1

The Rubicons started from humble origins, beginning with a single man named
Remus Rubicon who left his squalid home in Ralnoth and settled along the
northern bank of the Green River nearly a century before the Reign of
Dentin.  Remus married a young Cornian girl named Andromeda and had
twenty-four children.  He became a successful grain farmer and built docks
and a small fleet of boats to move his wares up and down the Green River. 
The Rubicon homestead transformed into a proper village later in the Age of
Chaos, building an inn, tavern and general store to accomodate travellers. 
By the dawn of the Reign of Dentin, the village of Rubicon became a popular
stop for dwarven merchants bringing goods from the Three Kingdoms to swamp
dwarf settlements in the west.

Rubicons were a race of humans with a light complexion, black hair or brown
hair and brown eyes.  Remus was crowned King of Rubicon in year 17 RD.  The
Rubicon family rose dramatically in power during early years of the Reign
of Dentin.  The forests near Rubicon were inhabited by a race of elves
known as green elves.  The green elves objected to Rubicon deforestation,
and, in 20 RD, the green elves attempted to stop the Rubicons from further
logging operations.  At first they sent numerous envoys, then they tried to
scare away the lumberjacks, and finally they turned to bloodshed when all
else failed.  Once blood was spilt, the Rubicons reacted violently, hunting
down the green elves and driving them northward from the forest.  Although
the elves were far more numerous, they were fiercely independent and
therefore lacked a strong centralized government to guide their defense
against the Rubicons.  By 25 RD, not a single green elf remained south of
Mount Zendular.

In 51 RD, Rubicon was attacked by Thendulomassar, the Stone Dragon.  It was
the dragon's intent to bring the Rubicons into his empire, but they fought
back so fiercely that the Stone Dragon and his minions were forced to turn

In 97 RD, King Remus passed away.  Legend has it that he was 251 years old.
 The rule of the kingdom fell upon the heir that Remus had designated
before his demise, his grandson Romuli.  Rather than take upon himself the
title of King, Romuli decided to honor his grandfather by abstaining from
the title of King and instead taking upon himself the title of Prince. 
From then on, the Kingdom of Rubicon was called the Rubicon Principality,
and its rulers were Princes and Princesses.

Rubicon power greatly increased when they conquered the Kingdom of Thalos
in 102 RD.  Thalos' strength had steadily been decreasing in light of the
increasing economic pressure from the Grand Duchy of Feiran.  Even weakened
as they were, Thalos was still much more populous and wealthy than Rubicon,
and adding the city to their empire greatly increased the Rubicon family's
clout and resources.

In 113 RD, an outpost called Ogden was founded on the northern borders of
the swamps north of Rubicon.  In time, Ogden grew into a wealthy village
famous for its talented mages who created golems to serve the nobility of
Rubicon lands.  Ogden also became the Principality's gateway to trade with
Ralnoth and its allies.  Ogden was home to a number of non-Rubicons, who
unsuccessfully fostered several revolts over the next couple of centuries
until Ogden successfully rebelled from Rubicon rule in 301 RD.  It was
independent city-state for almost eighty years before being re-conquered by
the Rubicons in 380 RD.

The Rubicons founded another village further west on the bank of the Green
River called Ironseed in 131 RD.  Ironseed established a foundry and mill
and became widely renown for its skilled blacksmiths and woodworkers. 

(continued in volume 2...)

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