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AABN:  913
Title: a book entitled, 'The Rubicon Dynasty, volume 2'

The Rise and Fall of the Rubicon Dynasty, volume 2

In 147 RD, the Rubicon Principality battled with the Grand Duchy of Feiran
over control of Green River Bridge.  The Rubicons were victorious, the
bridge was guarded by Rubicon toll golems until the fall of their nation.

With Feiran beaten, the Rubicons felt confident in expanding their
influence southward.  The Rubicon Principality founded the village of
Florin in 151 RD.  Florin remained a Rubicon holding for a century and a
half until it seceded and joined the Kingdom of Avalon in 304 RD.

In 173 RD, the rival city-state of Mercia was conquered by the Rubicons and
remained under Rubicon rule for almost three decades before successfully
revolting in 201 RD.  Mercia immediately swore allegiance to the Kingdom of
Vandar to dissuade the Rubicons from counterattacking.

The Rubicons conquered Ransom twice during its history.  The first time was
in 191 RD.  Cornia was under Rubicon control for eleven years before
successfully revolting and regaining independence in 202 RD.  The Rubicons
managed to conquer Ransom again in 288 RD.  The Rubicons ended up returning
autonomy to the Cornians in 302 RD when it became apparent that they would
not be able to maintain control of the province due to rising Avalonian

In 210 RD, the Rubicons founded the village of Sussex near the Ciernan
River, west of the Sinar'i Valley.  The Sinar'i elves became troubled by
this intrusion into the Western Thalenwood Forest, which they had
traditionally viewed as being their territory.  The elves built several
fortresses in the forest over next several decades in preparation for an
invasion which didn't happen until almost three hundred years later.  The
strongholds were later abandoned during the third century of the Reign of
Dentin when it became apparent that a Rubicon invasion was not forthcoming.

In the early second century of the Reign of Dentin, relations between the
eastern dwarves and the western gnomes were beginning to cool and trade
between them ground to a halt.  As a result, the Rubicons' respect for the
dwarven nations waned.  In 222 RD, the Rubicons founded the village of
Sunnyvale on the border of Khal-Uktar territory.  The dwarves sent an army
to contend with the Rubicons and were soundly defeated.  The people of
Sunnyvale were free to strip mine shale, salt and minerals out of the
lowlands south of the Green River, and the dwarves dared not interfere from
then on.

In 282 RD, an army of drow and orcs sprang up from the Underdark to attack
the Rubicon capitol.  The main army was defeated, but raids continued for
several decades until the Rubicons hired a mercenary army to delve into the
Underdark and destroy the drow at their source.

In 288 RD, Thalos was attacked by the Deep Dragon.  The dragon was defeated
by a powerful cleric who charmed a beholder and forced it to fight the
dragon to a stalemate.

The Rubicons began engaging in raids against the centaurs of the Zephyr
Forest starting in 289 RD.  Over the next eight years, they were victorious
over the centaurs and eradicated them in the region. The few remaining
centaurs retreated to Skerrit's Haven.

The Rubicon Principality became involved in a long, drawn-out war against
the Wallachian Confederation starting in 311 RD.  Eager to expand their
living space, the green elves of Wallachia encouraged the Confederation to
go to war and reclaim the forests north of Rubicon.  The war lasted roughly
forty years.  A peace treaty was signed in 350 RD.  Both sides claimed
victory, but no territory of importance changed hands.  

In 360 RD, Rubicon territory came under attack from an army of hill giants,
ogres and trolls.  Ironseed was overrun and sacked by the invading army,
but the Rubicons managed to muster enough troops to repel the monsters and
reclaim the town.

(continued in volume 3...)

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