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Name: caesar Proper name: Caesar Ground string: Caesar is here. Title: Salad(i0) [ TOSSED ] -=*{LettuceLord}*=- Created: Sun Feb 20 13:59:23 2000 Description ----------------------------------------------------- Here is an ancient, slender man with curly white hair, small ears, and bushy eyebrows. Overall, his equipment appears to be very old. Seemingly an illusionist, this shady character clearly masters occult powers of some kind--his fingertips are glowing as if charged with lightning. He too has the aura of a legendary Dark Forest East slayer of undead, rather apparent from the slight smell of rotting corpse combined with the strong odor of dark forest sap. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Personality ----------------------------------------------------- Absent minded realist who does not like being put in the middle of conflicts. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 30 Cler: 25 Thie: 31 Warr: 20 Necr: 5 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 111 Fame: 25 Time of last save: Sat Feb 11 08:20:00 2012

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