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Name: cria Proper name: Cria Ground string: A newborn snow-white Cria drips embryonic fluids as it struggles to stand. Title: Created: Sun Feb 17 19:30:11 2008 Description ----------------------------------------------------- A significant percentage of cria nursing problems are behavioral. One of the common problems is the wall baby. These crias have a difficult time figuring out that mom is the source of milk and will attempt to nurse various objects in dark corners. Frequently moving the mom and cria out of the stall and into a separate pasture will help. If it is not possible to move the cria outside due to weather, putting a bright light in the stall sometimes helps. The cria will instinctively attempt to nurse in the darkest corner, which, in the field or brightly lit stall, is under mom. While the severe problems obviously require professional assistance, some of the milder problems can be managed with good nursing care. This may include helping the cria to its feet, periodically rubbing the body and limbs to stimulate circulation, and supplemental feedings as needed. It is also important not to give up on these crias too early. ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- You gain 401142 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed The Unholy Knight of Dentin for 2664 damage, freak 8. You gain 104846 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Sergeant Lyta for 1600 damage, freak 8. You gain 2405892 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Don Jesus for 9360 damage, freak 16. You gain 263022 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed An elite city guard for 4056 damage, freak 8. You gain 1044844 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed An elite city guard for 4320 damage, freak 8. You gain 445018 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Brodan the Stout for 2296 damage, freak 8. You gain 963788 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed An elite city guard for 5304 damage, freak 8. You gain 450058 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed An off duty guard for 3096 damage, freak 8. You gain 873776 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed An elite city guard for 6272 damage, freak 8. You gain 1362124 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Governor Eryk for 4000 damage, freak 16. You gain 670162 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed A once-beautiful princess for 2368 damage, freak 8. You gain 1048886 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a spearman for 4032 damage, freak 8. You gain 708232 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a mestizo sentry for 3960 damage, freak 8. You gain 1265800 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed A hard-working faerie father for 2256 damage, freak 8. You gain 416088 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Sei'Saarak, the Time Dragon for 3584 damage, freak 8. You gain 230923 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed A Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah for 4320 damage, freak 8. You gain a practice! You gain 6346123 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a member of the league of the magi for 27136 damage, freak 32. You gain 2159748 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a pooh bear for 4681 damage, freak 8. You gain 1498033 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Ytinasni for 6507 damage, freak 8. You gain 1299004 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed The grave of Sarvas for 4680 damage, freak 8. (notify) Cria turned undead at level 83, freak 50. You gain 1680748 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a mestizo soldier for 6784 damage, freak 8. You gain 1231051 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Don Juan for 4472 damage, freak 8. You gain 2062316 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed The seal guardian for 7075 damage, freak 16. You gain 3920950 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed the Baliff of Albion for 13798 damage, freak 32. You gain 1002515 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed Phat Terry for 3920 damage, freak 8. You gain 1169033 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a Sashala thief for 7480 damage, freak 8. You gain 1833172 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a Spanish hussar for 8064 damage, freak 8. You gain 399528 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a grossly over-engineered machine for 9701 damage, freak 8. You gain 1359420 experience! (notify) Cria backstabbed a Sashala thief for 4784 damage, freak 8. (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on an ornate ebony door for 4312 damage, freak 8! (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on a Sashala thief for 7448 damage, freak 8! (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on the vampire lord for 1629 damage, freak 8! (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on Don Jesus for 7224 damage, freak 8! (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on Balk for 4508 damage, freak 8! (notify) Cria landed a heinous backstab on a one-eyed giant ghost for 10030 damage, freak 8! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 37 Cler: 37 Thie: 37 Warr: 31 Necr: 22 Drui: 16 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 48 Necr: 0 Drui: 10 Total levels in all classes: 180 Fame: 1911 Clan: shadow alliance Rank: owner Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 40 Hunted down the Zlatorog, the elusive white ram of the Karnash Penninsula. 40 Quieted the never ending babbling of a mad wizard. 40 Slew Thas'Tau, the Great Silver Dragon King 40 Saved the world from extinction by defeating Jansan, the Titan of Annihilation. 41 Calmed the world by defeating Febrho, the Titan of Storms. 41 Redeemed the world by defeating Apreld, the Titan of Hellfire. 41 Relieved the world by defeating Mosabomy, the Titan of Disaster. 40 Thawed the world by defeating Marwil, the Titan of Ice Fury. 40 Purified the world by defeating Septam, the Titan of Curses. 40 Healed the world by defeating Juljon, the Titan of Blood. 40 Brightened the world by defeating Maylok, the Titan of Shadows. 40 Brought peace to the world by defeating Octama, the Titan of War. 40 Cured the world by defeating Novnee, the Titan of Plagues. 40 Brought order to the world by defeating Junlog, the Titan of Chaos. 21 Escorted a metal hunter out of a stinky situation. 20 Found that alligator you flushed, and boy was it big! 40 Reassembled the shield of elemental water. 40 Revived the world by defeating Deccol, the Titan of Death. 40 Soothed the world by defeating Augsmi, the Titan of Pain. 35 Doomed the great auks to extinction. 2 Killed one of the protected animals of the clearing. 43 Brought down the wards around the ice fortress! 30 Thwarted Falnar the Shadowmancer's plans. 43 Created the Breviarium Divinus 43 Created the Enchiridion Magis 34 Doomed the dodos to extinction. 42 Rescued the wizard Lufia from the Astral Plane 39 Is a Bearer of House Sumire 37 Slew the Malahaki Falulua 34 Slew Robin Masters the Vampire, providing sweet revenge for Bruce 25 Slew the monsters Scylla and Charybdis. 36 Defeated the walleroon shaman on the island of Riaza. 35 Collected a host of different treasures from around the world. 35 Found and retrieved a dragon engraved flagon. 35 Found and retrieved a black panther onyx figurine. 35 Found and retrieved a ruby eyed mage figurine. 35 Found and retrieved a small hematite skull. 35 Found and returned a huge stuffed dragon. 35 Found and retrieved a carving of the ice dragon. 35 Found and retrieved a small gold figurine. 35 Found and retrieved a small box inlaid in black ivory. 35 Found and returned some oil of restoration. 34 started Deldrach's treasure quest. 37 Defeated Torsius, the corruptor of reality and the archdemon Moez'tillio. 26 Found and returned the svirfneblin king's lost club. 25 Performed a few random tasks, including washing a noble's nasty panties, how gross! 27 Slayer of the innocent dragon known as Graystorm. 38 Explored the dead reefs and uncovered an ancient shipwreck! 23 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 34 Slew Oni'Ni'Kanabou the Ancient Shadow Dragon! 32 Was named Master of the Five Winds 30 Defeated the Master of the Void in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 29 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 29 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 30 Defeated the Master of the South Wind in mortal combat! 30 Prevented Ralnoth from being devoured by an invasion of giant termites. 38 'Freed' the lost adventurers from their despair, deep within the Labyrinth. 35 Destroyed the three Gorgon sisters. 32 Destroyed the Gorgon, Euryale Farspringer. 31 Destroyed the Gorgon, Stheno the Mighty. 38 Slew the mighty Dracolich, master of the Labyrinth. 33 Destroyed the Gorgon, Medusa the Disgraced. 38 Defeated Khir Ablishak in her icy lair 22 Searched the swamp for the old historian and then helped him recover his stolen book. 21 Found and retrieved the Sword of Strength. 22 Found and retrieved the Mace of Knowledge. 24 Thrashed Deeamos and gave his book of secrets to Pantrell. 10 Harvested some honeycomb for the local bakery. 14 Climbed the beanstalk, and retrieved a golden egg. 19 Piloted a hang glider over the great Archais archipelago. 18 Helped the citadel to restock its supply of healing mud. 17 Captured and returned the Wizard brightflame's escaped familiar. 21 Accepted quest to free the musicians. 18 Cured the old mage of the hiccups! 25 Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet. 26 Liberated a special mushroom from the Trogdolytes for an alchemist in Dragon Tooth. 24 Exterminated the queen spider ensuring that their species will surely die. 26 Assisted an angry dwarf in finding out what happened to his missing companions. 24 Tracked down and returned the stolen crate of repair parts to Dordak. 36 Gave peace a chance 35 Survived an encounter with the Tall Man. 28 Regained the armor of a lost and forgotten warrior. 37 Saved the mortal realm from the apocalyptic demon Kultan, and thwarted Magmos' plans 31 Murdered a defenseless, poor man who only wanted some money. 33 Brought a small boy back to his father, saving him from certain death. 18 Completely destroyed a large yellow drake. 18 Completely destroyed a dark brown drake. 18 Completely destroyed a silvery gray drake. 18 Disposed of Anekam the drake keeper. 18 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 18 Completely destroyed a large azure blue drake. 18 Completely destroyed an emerald green drake. 18 Completely destroyed a black scaled drake. 35 Put down the ghost of the dreaded ice drake, T'yarnefess na-Draj 30 Murdered the grey elves responsible for imprisoning Plippo Stickyfingers 27 Is the reigning chess grandmaster by defeating Viktor 20 Maliciously killed the hero of Seaside. 39 Married the Black Arachnids 38 Killed a helpless angelbaby, just because they could. 37 Saved a boy from the horrors of Stoke-on-the-Mound 38 Slew Cyralix, Lord of Fire 38 Slew Chrysalis, Lord of Air 37 Slew Delgado, Lord of Earth 37 Slew Musasha, Lord of Water 37 Exorcised the demon of envy from the world! 35 Hunted down a sociopathic serial killer for the Naginag Combine. 37 Exorcised the demon of pride from the world! 38 Cleared the Dark Moon Forest of the evil presence. 38 Closed the magical gateway & turned the Archlich to dust. 38 Exorcised the demon of wrath from the world! 36 Shed the blood of a noble crimson dragon. 35 Faced the hawkman champion in a no magic battle and was victorious. 36 Exorcised the demon of sloth from the world! 38 Eliminated the dread construct, D'mamati Tal. 30 Banished the Chaos Soul from the mortal realm. 39 Bull's eyed a magical target. 38 Freed the souls of the hungry dead from the curse of the Ryuu Graveyard. 35 Did compete one-on-one with a sumo wrestler and was victorious. 21 Defeated Mostyn, the strong man, in an unarmed fight to the death. 34 Defeated the Mandrill Shaman in combat 33 Destroyed a huge gohlbrorn nest, effectively ridding the world of their kind. 35 Eliminated the ancient assassin, Kr'Path Tal 30 Slew a homeless man who simply wanted a Thanksgiving dinner for his family. 34 Cursed the world by unlocking the Dark God's prison. 36 Cleansed the White Tower 36 Slew Voss'Darzi the white wyrm, liberating the Shii'lok mountains. 36 Slayer of the mighty Tunnel Wurm 32 Captured the escaped faerie and sent her back to her cell. 29 Passed the test of the Soul. 32 Took the Malitad club away from the King 33 Saved the cows of Cornia from being abducted by 'them' 37 Penetrated the Demon Realm and destroyed the Demon King, Magmos 32 Rescued a kidnapped child from the clutches of an insidious oni-baba. 38 Helped a dwarf bind the essence of the swamp into a sword. 35 Overthrew the tyrannical reign of the CyberWarrior and liberated the Dargonesti. 37 Saved the world from Herbanth the Rampant. 41 Reconstructed one of the ancient talismans. 39 Acquired the Tome of Blood. 40 Found the strange talisman 32 Earned the rank of 'Flame Apprentice' in the Fire Towers' guild 32 Earned the rank of 'Burning Hand' in the Fire Towers' guild 38 used all their skills to feed an amethyst wyvren. 34 Slew the Fire Tower's guild leader, Tir'Roscha 37 Thwarted the aboleth ruler's plan for world domination. 39 Acquired the Tome of Bone. 34 Stopped the Ejja, for now. 39 has killed the chest mimic. 38 has killed the iron maiden. 38 has killed the jade spider. 38 has killed the giant deathstalker. 37 has killed the ethereal dragon. 32 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 38 Constructed and animated a magical servant. 36 Recovered irreplaceable research on the rare myconid race. 37 Received custom made armor from a secluded armorer. 33 Collected a bounty for killing someone that cheated the Blackrock Clan. 36 Slew Lux, the ancient red dragon 35 Defeated Triste's Despair. 31 Slew the ravenous preta, putting it out of its eternal misery. 36 Defeated Triste's Suffering. 35 Defeated Triste's Confusion. 35 Defeated Triste's Solitude. 35 Defeated Triste's Betrayal. 35 Slew the dreaded mindflayer and took its crystal ball 22 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 22 Found and retrieved the Staff of Understanding. 37 Destroyed the Antidentin 34 Defeated one of Ali Baba's forty thieves 35 Reforged the legendary Golden axe! 35 found the dragon essense 35 Found a chunk of pure mithril ore. 34 Found the hickory axe handle. 35 Gave tablet to blacksmith. 34 found left side of tablet 34 Found right side of tablet. 34 Found center piece of tablet. 35 Exorcised the demon of lust from the world! 29 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 35 Slew Magmos' guard familiar, the beholder Ralkaross 32 Defeated the dreaded Ice Worm of the Ash Mountains 37 Exorcised the demon of greed from the world! 36 Exorcised the demon of gluttony from the world! 36 Evicted the Hydragon from its watery domain, permanently! 36 Sacrificed life and limb to defeat the maniacal Korrok! 37 Vanquished the five great Krakkens of the South. 34 Slew the under krakken. 34 Rescued a soldier of the Naginag Combine from imprisonment. 35 Found a hand-held shield generator in the wreckage of an ancient starship 34 Slew the deep krakken. 39 Released the seventeenth of 22 evils upon the world. 35 Rescued Prince Fiernid and Princess Angelina from the Skavens. 35 Rescued Princess Angelina 35 Rescued Prince Fiernid 10 Obtained the silver ring of the Gatekeeper 6 Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. 38 Defeated the vampire lord deep within the ruins. 38 Eliminated the undead abomination, Tin'Sak Tal. 35 Eliminated the dark scion of dragonkin, Uppsala Tal. 35 Eliminated the gnawing hunger, Muug'Vl Tal. 36 Eliminated the perverted sorceror, Dr'Majj Tal. 40 Eliminated the traitor, Korven Tal. 38 used all their skills to feed a citrine wyvren. 35 Found an ancient stone tablet and returned it to a scholar in Gad's Landing. 34 Cruelly hunted down and defeated one of the mythical Horta. 39 Collected the hoard of Maglados the Red. 4 Returned the sacred chalice to the Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful. 36 Slew the fiery krakken. 39 Released the second of 22 evils upon the world. 14 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 39 Released the twenty-first of the 22 evils upon the world. 34 Sabotaged the great siege engine. 36 Translated Dante's journal, and uncovered his horrific plot 33 Marked with ill-favor by sea for slaying an albatross. 33 Defeated the elemental lord, the Water Baron. 34 Defeated the ancient warrior in mortal combat. 40 Released the eleventh of 22 evils upon the world. 36 Banished the Arch-Fiend, Asranth. 37 Completed the quest for the Platemail of Great Beauty 35 Correctly answered a gynosphinx's riddle. 35 Victorious over the hungry fangs of the giant water spider. 29 Passed the test of the Shadows. 29 Passed the test of the Mind. 29 Passed the test of the Body. 36 Recovered the sword 'Blight' 39 Released the twentieth of 22 evils upon the world. 33 Slew the brown krakken. 35 Slew Susami, the yellow wyrm 33 Defeated the benevolent Androsphinx 34 Destroyed the supposedly indestructible Battle Machine. 35 Eliminated Rub'Al-Kali, evil servant of the Amir 38 Released the fourth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the sixteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the fifth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the thirteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the tenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the third of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the seventh of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the nineteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the sixth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the first of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the fifteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the fourteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the twenty-second of the 22 evils upon the world. 38 Released the eighth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the twelfth of 22 evils upon the world. 39 Released the ninth of 22 evils upon the world. 38 Released the eighteenth of 22 evils upon the world. 25 Assassinated the alchemist on behalf of the shadowy demon. 35 Slew the icy krakken. 32 Participated in the 2008 Thanksgiving Day Turkey hunt! 28 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 33 Retrieved the Lost Spear of the Ancients 34 Defeated the Mist Dragon of Avalon. 37 Slew the Deep Dragon 35 Survived an encounter with the Unnamed Ones. 36 Freed Xael from his mortal prison 34 Murdered a kidnapped elf princess, because she deserved it. 30 Retrieved Jesric's spellbook from the outer planar ice world 34 Cleansed the defiled temple of Q'thelas. 35 Saved Ubar from Rub'Al-Khani, servant of Talos 30 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 36 Has been cursed by the Time Dragon, and is hopelessly doomed. 34 Found and defeated The last of the fallen magi 30 Slew the fearsome Dragon of the Ice Realm 35 Slaughtered the barracuda saving the draconian food supply! 28 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 9 Severed the head of the goblin hunter & gave the proof to the chief! 31 Penetrated the Heart of Tirgoth, and devastated the Ent society 28 Assaulted the elderly. 6 Defeated the ferocious mugwump on behalf of a retired hunter. 5 Put down the deadly white wolf. 27 Defeated the bear marauding through the forest southwest of Ralnoth 20 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 8 Obtained the title: Mouseslayer, mmk 20 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 32 Slew the sickly kobold prince in cold blood Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 41 Destroyed the ice lich of the White Coast. 41 Reunited two ill-fated lovers at the Inn of the Silent Centaur. 39 Fertilized the Seed, and secured the future of the Ent civilization. 40 Tried, but failed to locate the missing battery for a crazy-eyed scientist. 41 Rid the Nightmare Plane of the thirteen titans intent on world domination. 36 Drove the Anchorite garrison out of Steinhaus 41 Stole the signet ring of House Azgalor. 38 Completed tasks for the god Seth in order to use the waypoint at the Naginag Pantheist Temple 40 Risked life and limb to rescue the Princess of Airam. 39 Bottled lightning for the King of the Storm Giants. 23 Put an end to the unnatural experiments of the druid Guillermo Dunkelbaum 37 Defeated the keeper of the shrine 37 Slew the hill orc king in order to protect the Ostiary Occidental Camp 39 Convinced the ancient golden dragon to teach you a spell 26 Extricated Burgundy's pet cloud from a hostile storm elemental 23 Brought Nammen some hides for tanning. 23 Made a secret delivery to the Thieves Den. 18 Made an old fisherman's day by giving him his favorite food. 19 Made a child happy by returning his ball 28 Collected a DNA sample from one of the Tyranid warriors for Sh'kar the evil biomancer. 35 Successfully completed the druids quest of honor! 36 Took down the leader of an insurgent group for the Naginag Combine. 36 Brought a traitor to the Naginag Combine to justice. 39 Completed a top secret mission for the Eighth Legion of the Naginag Combine. 20 Defeated the guardian serpent to gain access to Asgaard. 37 Toured the Sussex pub crawl 36 Returned the Shadowstrike sword to its rightful heir 36 Saved a young paladin's companion from being eaten by the legendary basilisk. 35 Investigated the disappearance of Eugene's daughter 34 Recovered Lloyd's glasses from the highwayman, Thrizz 34 Slew Xerios the Evil Necromancer 34 Delivered a remedy to a very sick prisoner 20 Snooped out and eliminated the spy hidden amongst the smugglers. 20 Assassinated some young upstart who was trying to replace the boss in Smuggler's Cove. 20 Disposed of evidence that might have convicted a prisoner in Gad's Landing. 20 Smuggled a few items to prove they could be trusted. 35 Retrieved the Tome of Memories from the ruins underneath Nueva Granada 36 Slew the Phantasm of the Ancients and took the Tome of Memories 35 Spoke to the Phantasm of the Ancients 35 Found medicinal ingredients for the apothecary in Mercia. 32 Destroyed the castorid dam plugging up the Ciernan River 33 Cleared out a colony of giant prospector bees from the Forest of Brigands 37 Slew the legendary bunyip. 35 Neutralized both the threats to the village of Silverwind! 35 Discovered & neutralized the Bloodice Vampire! 36 Discovered & neutralized the Hydrax! 39 Bested the caves of trial and became a member of the Snowhammer Clan. 35 Talked to the king to reveal his quests. 25 Risked life and limb to recover a stolen egg and return it to Graystorm the dragon. 26 Sent the undead drow priestess to meet her goddess, allowing the svirfneblin to live in peace. 26 Constructed a special portal to help free Zeyda the collector of dreams. 25 Helped to make the dream nectar and awaken the sleepers. 25 Braved the dark forest to deliver some supplies to a mad hermit. 25 Delivered a bundle of herbs and spices to the monks in the Monastery of Dreams. 40 Put down the Dao rebellion in the Mines of Minos. 25 Discovered the hospitals namesake and put an end to his diabolical plan. 31 Destroyed the Chaos Beholder, disrupting the forces of Chaos in Old Thalos. 33 Reclaimed the Celestial Circle for its rightful owners. 25 Tried to negotiate a deal with Azeroth Keep for their fruit, but failed. 20 Got rid of some pesky birds and helped the Lotus Monastery get back to business. 21 Had to do some fishing to trade for a lost book. 20 Eliminated a threat to the Lotus Monastery and brought them peace at last. 21 Challenged the six masters of the Lotus Monastery and was victorious. 21 Hired on as a mercenary for a time to prove they were a skilled fighter. 21 Apprenticed to a blacksmith in the Lotus Monastery for a time. 37 Helped Djorb become a master biomancer 36 Gave a daughter of Natchsburg a decent burial. 33 Discovered and toppled a dark conspiracy in the town of Marikest... 22 Felt froggie, so leaped on a toad and took their legs. 21 Destroyed and dismantled the whirling machine of destruction known as the Juggernaut. 21 Broke the ice with the tinker gnomes by helping to thaw out a frozen gnome. 21 Tested a gnomish rocket pack and had a blast! 21 Help the tinker gnomes to solve a crash landing problem with their elevator system. 21 Delivered a broken gadget to the Master Tinker for the cook in the Inn of the Lonely Wanderer. 23 Helped to repair Captain Uro's merchant ship. 15 Completed a few tasks given by the ranger in Naphtali. 13 Soothed a mother's soul by helping cure her sick son. 13 Spent some time as a page to the Earl Montebac. 17 Hunted down and exterminated the bugs in the cellar of the Golden Phoenix Inn. 19 Collected a debt owed to Nailo in The Golden Phoenix Restaurant. 31 Cured Zarians writer's block and was rewarded. 15 Reported to the captain of the Naphtali guard of the defeat of Qoorik. 23 Halted the attempt of the necromancer Darsakius from opening a rift to the demon world. 23 Grounded the aerial acrobatics of Leo the squirrel and took away his nuts! 21 Cleansed the Archais swamp of the Great Unclean One. 19 Reclaimed a lost family heirloom. 19 Sunk Thor's Hammer blocking the Viking raiders from getting their supplies. 20 Became the fabled Black Bandit of Seaside. 19 Pilfered the chains of true binding off the ship known as the Leviathan. 19 Heisted the fabled blue diamond off the Lady Luck. 19 Swiped a basilisk's egg off the Grumpy Dwarf. 19 Plundered the Copper Dragon for the Magistrate's book. 19 Went fishing without a pole and got me a dragonfish. 19 Delivered some much needed provisions to the lighthouse. 19 Eradicated the adaro in the atoll so the researchers could complete their work. 22 Became an honorary member of the Planar Research Guild 22 Collected data from the fire world of Khinzhai 22 Collected data from Valhalla 22 Bested the flying Valkyrie and took her most prize possession. 22 Bested Odin and took his prize possession. 22 Collected data from the outer planar ice world 22 Collected data from the nomagic biolab 22 Collected data from the elemental plane of earth 21 Collected data from the Heavyside Layer 42 Freed Lahlia the Damned from her bondage to the powers of darkness. 22 Retrieved some shavings for the Grandmaster Odi from the outer planar ice world. 22 Rescued a group of musicians from the ghostface orcs. 22 Freed Curlie the musician from the Skull caverns. 22 Freed Moe the musician from the Skull caverns. 22 Freed Larry the musician from the Skull caverns. 22 Ambushed some bandits and took back a stolen money sack. 24 Aided the smith in finishing his greatest creation. 26 Recaptured a dwarven smith's mightiest weapon 25 Harvested some webbing from the spider caves for the cleric Helina in Dragon Tooth. 25 Put an end to Sh'kar the evil biomancer's foul experiments. 20 Lifted the curse cast upon Dentin's temple by Kenai. 37 Took revenge on Flamewing the king of the fire dragons on behalf of an elven hunter! 36 Slew Silatris the Rock Dragon, saving the gnome clan 35 Earned the trust of Cinvan and his clan 36 Showed the ghost of a dwarf that the love of his life is dead 39 Passed the test of the Elements. 36 Rescued Lady Lyonors and slew Lady Morgana 35 Slew the jackalope 15 Found and brought down the demon city of Qoorik. 40 Exorcised the seven deadly sins from the world! 37 Sealed a rift between the elemental plane of darkness and the astral plane of air. 39 Overpowered Krustallos the war-sorceress and took her prized possession. 37 Restored the soul of an elven prince trapped in chaos 38 Is an honorary Battle Master of the Tower of Power 33 Recovered and returned Kerwal's supplies. 32 Collected a bounty for ridding the world of the Bugbear Chieftain 30 Brought a retired hunter one last trophy 33 Pleased the Lord of Wellinghall by slaying the vile knucker. 23 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 34 Hunted down a deserter from the Naginag Combine. 34 Killed a lesser hydra and collected the bounty. 39 Ransacked the Hall of Kings. 37 Ended the captivity of the spirit of Perseus. 37 Expelled the Demon Blackblood from this realm! 37 defeated the dark avatar and demon blackblood. 35 Returned the exiled myconid king to power by slaying his usurper. 37 Repossessed the stolen heirlooms of the wizard Kahari. 36 Helped Triste face down her demons. 31 Rescued Rodon the Wizard from the creatures on the other side of the vortex 37 Grounded the electrifying Dragon known as Zal'Shira. 40 Solved the Ancient Ones Quest. 37 Built up a resistance to poison by ingesting deadly concoctions 40 Released twenty two evils to destroy the world. 37 Attained the title, 'Witch Hunter' 31 Avenged the villagers murdered by their own. 21 Has proven to be worthy of being called a rogue. 35 Gave Drache the brilliant sand dragon his antidote 36 has proven their patience & kindness in their path to becoming a ranger. 12 Found new questions to the mystery of what happened to New Thalos. 37 Obtained the black pearl necklace of Montezuma 35 Sold the crown to Shift, cause I needed the gold! 34 Found the crown. 38 has mastered the art of assassination. 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 12 Slew Roch'tar, master of the catacombs 6 "Took care" of Ol' Blue. 13 Brought a farmer's daughter home to rest. 13 Hewed the head from the orc chieftain as a warning to the rest of his kind. Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 32 Helped Hunny Bunny to save Easter! 29 Helped Wee Willie Winkie the leprechaun prepare for the Leprechaun parade of 2017. 37 Robbed a little leprechaun of his pot of gold on St. Paddy's day in 2017! 36 Drove away a frost devil to keep the innocent safe on Christmas 2016! 40 Destroyed a Chaos portal before it could become a threat 41 Retrieved neutronium for the Ostiarium 40 Retrieved a lump of warpstone for the Ostiarium 39 Delivered important notes concerning the Plane of Chaos to the Ostiarium 35 [19th anniversary event] Donated a suncatcher to the cause 38 [19th anniversary event] Placed a spell network anchor 39 [19th anniversary event] Brought arjale ore for forging 39 [19th anniversary event] Found the dusty manuscript 38 [19th anniversary event] Found the silver paged book 36 [19th anniversary event] Discovered the zombie's weakness 36 [19th anniversary event] Searched for a way to break the runaway spell 35 [19th anniversary event] Delivered messages through the zombie swarm 34 [19th anniversary event] Warn the city of Orton 34 [19th anniversary event] Warn the desert city of Linholt 34 [19th anniversary event] Warn the Thalenwood elves 34 [19th anniversary event] Discover the source of the zombie invasion 34 [19th anniversary event] Gather information from the western guards and Firbolgs 33 [19th anniversary event] Warn nearby towns about the possible zombie threat 36 Put a stop to Zankous second attempt at a demon invasion on Halloween 2013. 21 Helped to turn the haunters into the haunted on Halloween 2013! 37 Saved the Ethereal Plane of Fire from being used by the Scalding Lord to blow up the Northern Ocean. 37 Delivered mephit leavings to the Red Mage 37 Rescued the innocent by defeating a giant demonic leprechaun on Saint Paddy's day! 30 Bested a leprechaun and stole his prized possession on St. Paddy's day. 38 [18th anniversary event] Defeated the great ice demon in his stronghold 36 Defeated but did not kill the great frost dragon, Khir Ablishak 26 Participated in the Great Turkey Massacre of 2012. 29 Provided a delicious baked turkey for a homeless family for Thanksgiving 2012! 17 Cook a turkey in a stove? Bah! I did it Alter Aeon style! 28 Found a pumpkin and received a treat on Halloween 2012. 29 Got tricked by an exploding pumpkin on Halloween 2012. 34 Crushed some pumpkins into pulp on Halloween 2012! 18 Put a stop to the abuse of a child. 42 [17th anniversary event] Lead the quest to rebind the planes 35 [17th anniversary event] Defeated Kevarkus, the deranged cleric 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped rebind the interplanar knot 35 [17th anniversary event] Helped recast a broken runestone 36 [17th anniversary event] Helped cast a runebreaking spell 36 [17th anniversary event] Defeated the mastermind behind the planebreaking plot 36 [17th anniversary event] Found unicorn blood to contain the demon Ixillia 37 [17th anniversary event] Helped reinforce the wards around the demon Ixillia 37 [17th anniversary event] Found a long lost book on planar portals 37 [17th anniversary event] Retrieved components to fix a planar portal 36 [17th anniversary event] Brought a filament of elemental fire to Redferne 35 [17th anniversary event] Found radioactive isotopes to power the portal 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from all the reachable planes 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar fire world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the outer planar ice world 37 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from Valhalla 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the nomagic biolab 35 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the elemental plane of earth 33 [17th anniversary event] Collected data from the Heavyside Layer 23 Helped spread some holiday cheer! 37 hidden zankous t-shirt delivery quest 28 First place arena winner in the 2011 Halloween Havoc! 34 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2011! 31 Gave their all to become the best demon hunter on Halloween 2011! 37 Put a stop to Zankous plans, and destroyed the pact with Pumpkinhead on halloween 2011. 27 [16th anniversary event] Participated in the Anniversary party! 30 Celebrated the coming of 2011 by shooting off a brilliant display of fireworks. 38 Evaded death during the 2010 Thanksgiving Death March. 34 Participated in the Thanksgiving Death March of 2010 43 Won first place in the Halloween havoc of 2010! 34 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2010! 29 I brought the witch a sweet and she gave me a treat! 30 Became a Vampire slayer on Halloween 2010! 41 [15th anniversary event] First Officer in the group that freed Dentin 34 [15th anniversary event] Freed Dentin from his prison in the Realm of Kenai 36 [15th anniversary event] Retreived a shard of glass to help defeat Kenai 36 [15th anniversary event] Retreived a Token of Aris to help defeat Kenai 35 Heroically defended the Monastary of Dreams from Kenai's dragon, Darkfire! 30 Smashed a bottle over an unsuspecting victim's head in honor of Thanksgiving 2009! 32 Was a participant in the Halloween havoc of 2009! 31 Smashed and pulverized some pumpkins on Halloween! 33 Holy Leaping Leprechauns 2009! 30 Helped Draak save Christmas! 33 Created havoc on Halloween! Time of last save: Fri Oct 6 19:40:00 2017

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