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Name: firebird Proper name: Firebird Ground string: A large bird formed of ethereal fire hovers in the air before you. Title: , Kindred's Loose Cannon. -]<- Description ----------------------------------------------------- The Firebird hovers, wings still, lifted by the heat that's charring the ground beneath him. His humanoid body is covered in bright feathers, some new, some worn. His upperbody exposed reveals a slim build. The feathers give way to dark skin towards the center of his body. His arms are slender, but corded, ugly muscle runs through them. A human face, hardened, burned, grimaces atop the whole creature. If the look on his face wasn't so mild, he would appear to be harmed by the fire. His wings twitch and stretch imperceptibly and independently of the rest of his body. Near the ends of his wings the red feathers give way to black. The Burn Victim opens his beak/mouth, revealing sharp but completely functionless fangs. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Personality ----------------------------------------------------- [samon] Caliban: speaking as a person who has had the procedure performed on me... they were right about that [samon] Caliban: there's a lot of 'stuff' packed in there. ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- Firebird, you stupid fuck.... did you realize that this room was the reason that the fucking dragons were getting into our clan area? You fucking dipshit. Next time you link a room exit into the clan area, you'd better fucking make it no teleport or else you're going on the roster remove list with roan. -clan kindred ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 30 Cler: 16 Thie: 12 Warr: 24 Necr: 0 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 82 Time of last save: Sat Nov 30 10:20:00 2013

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