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Name: metallica Proper name: Metallica Ground string: Metallica is here. Title: The Unforgiven Created: Fri Oct 21 08:14:04 2011 Description ----------------------------------------------------- Metallica is tall and of slender build, with blue eyes. His blonde hair is shoulder length. His pale skin has a very clear complexion, and you guess him to be fairly young, perhaps around 24 years old. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Homepage URL: Level Mage: 28 Cler: 34 Thie: 18 Warr: 23 Necr: 38 Drui: 12 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 0 Necr: 0 Drui: 4 Total levels in all classes: 153 Fame: 972 Clan: blade fury Rank: owner Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 40 Permanently dealt with an out of control giant ass! 41 Slew the legendary Kirin, heralding an age of darkness. 35 Defeated one of Ali Baba's forty thieves 41 Gallantly rescued the boobies! 35 Doomed the dodos to extinction. 35 Slew the deep krakken. 31 Passed the test of the Mind. 34 Was named Master of the Five Winds 33 Defeated the Master of the Void in mortal combat! 37 Earned the rank of 'Fire Wizard' in the Fire Towers' guild 36 Earned the rank of 'Fire Caller' in the Fire Towers' guild 35 Slew Magmos' guard familiar, the beholder Ralkaross 34 Earned the rank of 'Flame Adept' in the Fire Towers' guild 34 Earned the rank of 'Flame Apprentice' in the Fire Towers' guild 33 Earned the rank of 'Burning Hand' in the Fire Towers' guild 36 Eliminated the ancient assassin, Kr'Path Tal 35 Searched for the brass clawed handle of Don Milano 35 found the dragon essense 30 Defeated the bear marauding through the forest southwest of Ralnoth 34 Earned the rank of 'Candle' in the Fire Towers' guild 43 Slew the two-headed troll leading the trolloc raid against Egmondville 43 Created the Enchiridion Magis 35 Doomed the great auks to extinction. 34 Slew the brown krakken. 43 Created the Breviarium Divinus 30 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 36 Slayer of the mighty Tunnel Wurm 36 Defeated the worm horde and slew Spelldrinker, Mana Worm. 37 Exorcised the demon of gluttony from the world! 37 Slaughtered the barracuda saving the draconian food supply! 35 Drove away the nightmare of Pain. 35 Drove away the nightmare of Regret. 35 Drove away the nightmare of Anger. 35 Drove away the nightmare of Loneliness. 31 Passed the test of the Shadows. 31 Passed the test of the Body. 31 Passed the test of the Soul. 32 Defeated the Master of the South Wind in mortal combat! 31 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 31 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 31 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 39 Enrolled in the joint Atlantis Airam research program 30 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 22 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 21 Maliciously killed the hero of Seaside. 24 Defeated Mostyn, the strong man, in an unarmed fight to the death. 33 Defeated the elemental lord, the Water Baron. 5 Put down the deadly white wolf. 4 Returned a lost memento to an old man. 6 Defeated the ferocious mugwump on behalf of a retired hunter. 5 Found the needle in the haystack! 4 Returned the sacred chalice to the Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful. 17 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 29 Assaulted the elderly. 30 Thwarted Falnar the Shadowmancer's plans. 32 Murdered a small boy on behalf of the assassin Roran. 31 Murdered a defenseless, poor man who only wanted some money. 34 Destroyed a huge gohlbrorn nest, effectively ridding the world of their kind. 31 Saved the city of Koralia's Heart from certain doom. 26 Assassinated the alchemist on behalf of the shadowy demon. 24 Found and retrieved the Mace of Knowledge. 24 Found and retrieved the Staff of Understanding. 24 Found and retrieved the Sword of Strength. 24 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 23 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 35 Saved a mermaid from a band of filthy pirates. Arr!!! 31 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 26 Exterminated the queen spider ensuring that their species will surely die. 6 Taught some punk kid a lesson he'll never forget. Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 43 Spoke to Malakinn the Royal Alchemist on behalf of Merkil the hunter. 39 Rescued the Granadan captives from the Temple of Creation 39 Helped the village of Xochitl gain independence from the Aztec Empire 39 Accepted the assignment to kill the Aztec subchief and Shorn One in Xochitl 39 Recovered stolen property from the thief-king Ali Baba 8 Vanquished the foul Nekker of the Blue Marshes. 40 Obtained a gold spirit tablet of Aleph for Don Milano 33 Destroyed the castorid dam plugging up the Ciernan River 35 Found medicinal ingredients for the apothecary in Mercia. 32 Brought a retired hunter one last trophy 38 Defeated the machinations of the Third Sun cult and their false god Tlaloc. 38 Thwarted an assassination plot against Don Milano 38 Destroyed the evil influence corrupting the primates of Kookien 36 Returned the sacred fruit loops to the great blue toucan 37 Retrieved a hardened copper weapon 37 Broke the siege of Xochitl 36 Returned Raquel Orinoco to Don Milano 37 Slew the demonic patron of the White Sands Abbey 34 Delivered a letter to Bandera Azul 38 Retrieved an obsidian idol from the Temple of Magar 35 Cleared out a colony of giant prospector bees from the Forest of Brigands 35 Discovered Don Milano's hoarded treasure and obtained Lightbringer, sword of truth 36 Retrieved the Tome of Memories from the ruins underneath Nueva Granada 36 Slew the Phantasm of the Ancients and took the Tome of Memories 35 Spoke to the Phantasm of the Ancients 37 Exposed the plot to return an ancient dragon to life. 35 Drove away the nightmares that haunted the Governor of Hartmur. 35 Answered the Governor of Hartmur's plea for assistance. 8 Suppressed the demon revolt in the copper mines. 6 Brought Dinger a bag of goodies. 5 Gathered a few items for an apothecary in Vemarken. 6 Helped to make some important deliveries between Vemarken and Indira. 5 Solved the riddle of the foaming fountain. 5 Helped the local merchants of Sloe deliver crucial shipments. 6 "Took care" of Ol' Blue. 5 Chatted up the Mayor of Vemarken on behalf of the general storekeeper. 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 3 Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade 34 Recovered and returned Kerwal's supplies. 28 Discovered the hospitals namesake and put an end to his diabolical plan. 26 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 23 Defeated the guardian serpent to gain access to Asgaard. 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 58 Eliminated even more cats to avoid a catastrophe! 21 Helped Rojo the red witch to avoid a catastrophe during the Havoc of 2018! 25 Successfully tracked down a good enough sheep on Eid al-Adha 2018! 38 Helped reduce the overpopulation of turkeys during the thanksgiving event of 2016! Time of last save: Wed Nov 21 06:00:00 2018

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