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Name: siren Proper name: Siren Ground string: Siren is here. Title: for 40USD. More info ik desc Created: Mon Oct 29 23:23:26 2012 Description ----------------------------------------------------- c str c str c str Hey im sellinf siren again. I loved this gsmr for over ten years of my life and habe played off snd on. however its changed so muvh over the years and im not surr if ive just grown bored of it altogether or if the new changes irritate me too much, but i believe i can say im done. I'd like $40 USD for Siren and all sets. Diamond and all eq stored on him. Itachi just as a bonus hes a good newbie warrior already has strength con and drx maxed out. Sirens sets are as follows: <=-Thief ----------------------------------------------------------------- History --------------------------------------------------------- (notify) Siren landed a murderous backstab on A sneaky cut purse for 26624 damage freak 32! (notify) Siren landed a heinous backstab on a black skinned kobold for 1280 damage, freak 8! (notify) Siren landed a heinous backstab on Achard the headmaster for 2700 damage, freak 8! (notify) Siren landed a brutal backstab on the mountain warrior Veston for 3280 damage, freak 16! (notify) Siren landed a brutal backstab on An asp for 2080 damage, freak 16! (notify) Siren landed a brutal backstab on a prostitute for 3360 damage, freak 16! (notify) Siren landed a brutal backstab on a gay purple scarf for 6400 damage, freak 16! (notify) Siren landed a brutal backstab on a frost giant trader for 256 damage, freak 16! (notify) Siren landed a heinous backstab on The head priest for 456 damage, freak 8! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Level Mage: 28 Cler: 15 Thie: 34 Warr: 21 Necr: 9 Drui: 5 Microlevel Mage: 0 Cler: 0 Thie: 0 Warr: 0 Necr: 1 Drui: 0 Total levels in all classes: 112 Fame: 144 Level Feats Performed --------------------------------- 33 Deprived a cria of its mother just for a pair of socks! 40 Slew the Malahaki Falulua 29 Exterminated the queen spider ensuring that their species will surely die. 31 Captured the escaped faerie and sent her back to her cell. 31 Tangled with an ancient tangletree and survived! 39 Sacrificed life and limb to defeat the maniacal Korrok! 37 Translated Dante's journal, and uncovered his horrific plot 20 Freed some slaves from the cruel pain and torture of an orc slavemaster. 24 Accepted quest to free the musicians. 20 Completely destroyed a silvery gray drake. 20 Completely destroyed a large azure blue drake. 19 Completely destroyed a large yellow drake. 20 Completely destroyed a dark brown drake. 20 Completely destroyed an emerald green drake. 21 Maliciously killed the hero of Seaside. 28 Thrashed Pantrell and gave his tome of secrets to Deeamos. 20 Captured and returned the Wizard brightflame's escaped familiar. 20 Cured the old mage of the hiccups! 22 Slew Locos, the terror under the well 31 Expunged Kaladun the lich from the world once and for all! 35 Helped keep everyone fed at the Drunken Dragon Inn 35 Met the Giants 29 Slew the monsters Scylla and Charybdis. 23 Defeated Mostyn, the strong man, in an unarmed fight to the death. 35 Defeated the Mountain King and obtained Peacekeeper, sword of order 36 Saved the cows of Cornia from being abducted by 'them' 33 Resurrected the ancient blade of the god of mischief, Coolbeans. 35 Defeated the Master of the South Wind in mortal combat! 34 Defeated the Master of the West Wind in mortal combat! 35 Defeated the Master of the North Wind in mortal combat! 35 Defeated the Master of the East Wind in mortal combat! 30 Restored the legendary dwarven bracelet. 38 Freed the souls of the hungry dead from the curse of the Ryuu Graveyard. 37 Searched for the brass clawed handle of Don Milano 38 Marked with ill-favor by sea for slaying an albatross. 35 Retrieved the Lost Spear of the Ancients 33 Victorious over the bloodied champion of the Jo'Kerin arena 34 Passed the test of the Mind. 37 Banished the Arch-Fiend, Asranth. 34 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 29 Annihilated the shadowy demon and sent him to his final resting place. 34 Saved the city of Koralia's Heart from certain doom. 33 Murdered a small boy on behalf of the assassin Roran. 32 Murdered a defenseless, poor man who only wanted some money. 34 Passed the test of the Soul. 34 Passed the test of the Shadows. 34 Passed the test of the Body. 20 Completely destroyed a black scaled drake. 20 Completely destroyed a giant fiery red drake. 19 Disposed of Anekam the drake keeper. 33 Defeated Vesden the Conquerer restoring peace to the city of Linholt. 29 Defeated the helpless coma patient in mortal combat. 9 Stole the church's meager donations. 26 Found and retrieved the Staff of Understanding. 25 Found and retrieved the Sword of Strength. 25 Found and retrieved the Dagger of Stealth. 24 Purged the world of Nafien's taint. 19 Figured out the mystery of the old mansion and found its hidden treasure. 33 Assaulted the elderly. 16 Exterminated the master tonberry saving the moogle village. 33 Defeated the bear marauding through the forest southwest of Ralnoth 4 Returned a lost memento to an old man. 6 Found Indiana Jones' Legacy 5 Freed the old wizard from his glass prison! 4 Returned the sacred chalice to the Shrine of the Vemarken Faithful. 4 Translate the strange paper from Uffspigot Level Deeds Accomplished --------------------------------- 30 Harvested some webbing from the spider caves for the cleric Helina in Dragon Tooth. 28 Gained access to the land of the fairies 28 Momentarily saw through a powerful illusion, confirming a cartographer's theory. 26 Achieved the rank of journeyman in the Thieves Guild. 26 Achieved the rank of apprentice in the Thieves Guild. 26 Achieved the rank of bandit in the Thieves Guild. 26 Achieved the rank of thug in the Thieves Guild. 26 Made a secret delivery to the Thieves Den. 25 Ambushed some bandits and took back a stolen money sack. 25 Rescued a group of musicians from the ghostface orcs. 25 Freed Moe the musician from the Skull caverns. 25 Freed Larry the musician from the Skull caverns. 25 Freed Curlie the musician from the Skull caverns. 24 Gathered various samples throughout the tainted forest for a group of druids. 24 Escorted a druidess through the tainted forest on behalf of Smuggler's Cove. 24 Assassinated some young upstart who was trying to replace the boss in Smuggler's Cove. 24 Disposed of evidence that might have convicted a prisoner in Gad's Landing. 24 Snooped out and eliminated the spy hidden amongst the smugglers. 23 Smuggled a few items to prove they could be trusted. 22 Dealt with the foul stench of Castle Kraftrager. 20 Hunted down and exterminated the bugs in the cellar of the Golden Phoenix Inn. 22 Cleared out the castle. 24 Delivered a message to Smuggler's Cove from the Archipelago. 23 Became the fabled Black Bandit of Seaside. 23 Swiped a basilisk's egg off the Grumpy Dwarf. 23 Pilfered the chains of true binding off the ship known as the Leviathan. 31 Aided the blue gang in its quest to conquer the North Ralnoth Slums. 23 Plundered the Copper Dragon for the Magistrate's book. 22 Reclaimed a lost family heirloom. 23 Sunk Thor's Hammer blocking the Viking raiders from getting their supplies. 22 Made an old fisherman's day by giving him his favorite food. 23 Heisted the fabled blue diamond off the Lady Luck. 21 Went fishing without a pole and got me a dragonfish. 32 Hunted down and eliminated Malkon the Plague Vampire in the fetid Caves of Pestilence. 30 Helped a Shaman to further her studies in poisons. 31 Expelled the curse placed on a little girl by Kaladun the lich. 31 Freed a druid from a truly dire predicament. 31 Defeated the mad smith's mechanical monstrosity 31 Extricated Burgundy's pet cloud from a hostile storm elemental 33 Delivered a repaired medallion to a warrior in Mount Zendular. 32 Defeated the legendary rougarou, while investigating the reports of a missing cleric. 33 Wiped out a human supremacist cult for the Ralnoth Clerics' Guild. 35 Obtained the Red Claws of the Slayer. 36 Discovered Don Milano's hoarded treasure and obtained Lightbringer, sword of truth 27 Tested a gnomish rocket pack and had a blast! 28 Is the new hobgoblin champion. 25 Has proven to be worthy of being called a rogue. 7 Found the key to the donation box. 18 Found and brought down the demon city of Qoorik. 9 Extricated the Gnomian slaves from the caves of the moles. 5 Exposed the cult of Kenai near Vemarken 3 Made it to Pellam and broke the blockade 3 Freed the graveyard from the Vampiress 1 Brought the sunlight staff back to the encampment. 0 Defeated the Carver Shaman in mortal combat! 0 Discovered an ambush party! Level Legacy Quests --------------------------------- 35 Helped all the witches to complete their Halloween Havoc tasks. 30 Helped the white witch to fill one of her Halloween gift bags. 37 Played the fool, as I was tricked by Azule on Halloween 2018. 34 Helped Azule to catch a nasty fangtooth to add to her stew. 32 Helped Azule to gather potatoes to add to her legendary stew. 31 Helped Azule to get some mushrooms to add to her legendary stew. 29 Helped Azule to gather a liquid base to make her legendary stew. 58 Eliminated even more cats to avoid a catastrophe! 21 Helped Rojo the red witch to avoid a catastrophe during the Havoc of 2018! 25 Successfully tracked down a good enough sheep on Eid al-Adha 2018! 33 Burnt a spoiled and rotten turkey to prevent others from getting sick on Thanksgiving. 37 Rescued the innocent by defeating a giant demonic leprechaun on Saint Paddy's day! 34 Defeated the ancient warrior in mortal combat. 37 [18th anniversary event] Helped recover knowledge of ancient ward spells 36 [18th anniversary event] Found the ancient books on ward spells 36 [18th anniversary event] Exposed the ward network around the ice fortress 17 Caught a gingerbread man proving he wasn't as fast as he thought! 34 Crushed some pumpkins into pulp on Halloween 2012! Time of last save: Mon Jun 24 19:40:00 2019

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