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Quest Name:  Returned four lost treasures to the Dwarves of Khal-Uktar.
Location:    Khal-Uktar, the Dwarven Marketplace
Area Level:  31

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):     5
Average level of players who complete it:  36

Long ago, a human conqueror named Sarvas was slowly driven mad by the
demon-blade Soul Reaper after he claimed it from the claws of the wretched
Kr'Path Tal.

Goaded by dark powers, Sarvas turned his band of heroes into a hoard of
thugs. They sacked cities all along the Southern Road. Sarvas's band made
many enemies. When pursued, they drove the dwarves of Khal-Uktar from their
deep halls and pillaged their most valued treasures.

When the humans of Thalos and the elves of Thalenwood defeated Sarvas and
his marauders, they buried the broken Soul Reaper with him. Most of the
dwarven treasure was returned to its rightful owners, but a few pieces
remain unaccounted for. Many believe that Sarvas used them to pay
mercenaries to join his band, and thus have been scattered throughout the
nearby lands.

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