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Quest Name:  Tracked down a leprechaun smuggler.
Location:    The caverns of Luckleaf
Area Level:  24

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):     3
Average level of players who complete it:  27

(no details regarding this quest have been recorded yet)

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Level Align Name -------------------------------------------------------- 27 Helped a leprechaun to obtain their missing supplies and ... 27 Proved The loch ness monster was real and then killed it. 27 Partied it up in the Magnolia Festival. 27 Forced entry into the treasury, and took the leprechauns'... 27 Quenched the fires of the lava worm. 27 Found, broke up, and looted the elusive smuggling ring's ... 27 Fought bravely and was victorious over the mist dragon 29 Captured the escaped faerie and sent her back to her cell.

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