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Quest Name:  Rid The Greenhole of the force corrupting it, though the cost was great.
Location:    The Greenhole
Area Level:  33

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):    10
Average level of players who complete it:  36

Standing in the valley of Nakato, one can hear tormented, desperate screams
echoing off the walls.  These are the screams of a broken heart, a trust
betrayed beyond all comprehension.  These are the screams of a man who has
lost everything.

A vile presence radiates, something far more corrupt than a young woman's
denial of her love for a warrior.  A presence so despicable, it surpasses
all human capability to decieve, to hate and to lie.  An invincible
relationship torn, a murder(?), life without life, something greater than
emotion has cast the Greenhole into turmoil.

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