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Quest Name:  Uncovered and broke a demonic conspiracy to invade the material plane.
Location:    The Great Desert, north
Area Level:  34

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):     8
Average level of players who complete it:  40

Tolo'trids are powerful demon mages that were bred for the Great Wars. They
are exceptionally intelligent, but prone to eccentricity and often,
madness. After the Great Wars, many Tolo'trids were left to their own
devices. However, a few are rumored to still be loyal to the dark powers
that created them long ago...

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Level Align Name -------------------------------------------------------- 38 Defeated one of Ali Baba's forty thieves 38 Brought King Tut's royal wrappings to the Benzani alchemist. 39 Cleansed the defiled temple of Q'thelas.

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