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Quest Name:  Assassinated princess Ariadne
Location:    The city of Atlantis
Area Level:  37

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):     8
Average level of players who complete it:  36

Corlioni thinks the time is right to demonstrate his power as head of the
Atlantis underworld. Seek him out if you think you have what it takes to be
an accomplice in his evil plan. 

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Level Align Name -------------------------------------------------------- 28 Survived and won a battle with Atlantian Elite Royal Guards 35 Made a delivery for a worried dock hand 35 Fixed a leak and saved the city 35 Recovered a missing heirloom for a wealthy Atlantian 35 Discovered a mermaid's name 35 Stole a priceless masterpiece 36 Brought chief magistrate Kosokov's killer to justice 36 Procured a worldly wonder from Shil'tara 36 Ambushed an international courier and stole his delivery 36 Defeated the weapon masters of Atlantis 36 Earned the respect of the Atlantis underworld 36 Delivered a princess her favourite flower 37 Recovered a keepsake for Captain Jack

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