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Quest Name:  Resurrected the ancient blade of the god of mischief, Coolbeans.
Location:    The North Ralnoth Slums
Area Level:  29

Approximate rarity (scale from 1 to 9):     4
Average level of players who complete it:  32

Rumor has it that long ago, the god of mischief, Coolbeans, travelled the
world seeking to show people the way of his mischief. In a few select
places, he left a mark. The method and nature of this mark isn't entirely
clear, but ever since each mark was left, the areas where they were left
have been magnets for crime, trickery, and other mischievous behavior. The
North Ralnoth Slums are one such place that is believed to have been
touched by Coolbeans, which may explain the deterioration and prevalence of
 crime in the area.

There is also another rumor, this one not as well known. It speaks of a
blade Coolbeans used to wield. Little is known about it except that it
complemented him perfectly, and that none could stand in his way while he
was wielding it. It was long believed that the blade disappeared when
Coolbeans did, but there exist a few travelling followers of Coolbeans who
believe the blade still exists in a lesser form and that there is a method
of restoring the blade to its former glory. One such  person has travelled
to the North Ralnoth Slums, seeking clues that may help solve this mystery.

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