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Storefront:  Mal and Potato's Marvelous Mini Mall
Location:    Daigaku-Tatami, capital of Kurita Province, The Alter Aeon Mainland
Recommended Level: 33

The following items are available for sale at this time:

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Prev Item - [    280] (lvl  45) a bundle of ent leaves
Curr Item - [    280] (lvl  45) a bundle of ent leaves
Next Item - [    120] (lvl  45) vial of sea slug secretions

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'ent leaves bundle'
Weight: 14  Size: 1'0"  Level: 45
Type: SPELLCOMP   Composition: PLANT
Object is:  

Item description:
A large bundle of leaves, they are 8 inches long and 6 inches wide.
They are a deep red in color with small black spots.
The edges are smooth and its slightly ribbed across the surface.


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