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Storefront:  Poppers Pickings And PAWN!!!   SHOP
Location:    The City of Ralnoth, The Alter Aeon Mainland
Recommended Level: 29

The following items are available for sale at this time:

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Curr Item - [   1500] (tot 118) a leprechaun's top hat
Next Item - [   6666] (tot 136) a black mantle

This item has the following properties:
Item: 'leprechaun hat  emerald green top '
Weight: 2  Size: 0'8"  Total levels: 118  Item quality: WELL CRAFTED
Type: ARMOR   Composition: HIDE   Defense: 1 ac-apply
Object is:  GLOW 
Wear locations are: HEAD 

Item has effects as:
Affects:  SPELL_RES by 1%
Affects:  HIT_POINTS by 43
Affects:  THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL by 1
Affects:  HIDE by 1
Affects:  SIZE by 1
Affects:  AGE by 3

Item description:
This little top hat has been made out of leather. The leather appears
to have been dyed an emerald green and has a little gold buckle
strap. At first glance it looked too small, but when you took it in
your hands it magically adjusted to the perfect fit for your head.


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