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Alter Aeon Socials - Complete List

Socials are special commands you can use to interact with other players.
You can use these commands to perform shortcut actions, such as smiling
or laughing, without having to type in all of the details yourself.

ack         agree       ahha        angel       apologize   argh        
arr         awe         babble      backslap    bahumbug    bap         
barf        bark        beam        bear        beckon      beer        
beg         bellyache   bkiss       blah        blarg       blink       
blog        blonde      blush       bobross     boggle      bonk        
boogie      bop         bored       boss        bounce      bow         
brb         burp        button      bye         cackle      caress      
cartwheel   cheer       chip        chortle     chuckle     clap        
code        coffee      coinflip    comfort     confused    cough       
cower       cringe      cry         cube        cuddle      curl        
curse       curtsy      dance       daydream    derp        devil       
discodance  doh!        drool       drunk       duck        eegrin      
eemo        egrin       embrace     eyebrow     facepalm    faint       
fandango    fart        flex        flip        flirt       flush       
flutter     fondle      freak       fremen      french      frown       
ftf         gamlin      gasp        gauntlet    gawk        giggle      
glare       goat        goddamnit   gorilla     goth        grab        
greet       grimace     grin        groan       grope       growl       
grumble     grunt       gurgle      hack        hair        handkiss    
handshake   hate        headbang    headlock    heil        hiccup      
highfive    hiss        hmm         honk        hop         howl        
hrm         hug         huge        hum         hump        hurf        
innocent    insane      island      jedi        jello       jigg        
kanook      kiss        kneel       lag         lalala      laugh       
laundry     lick        make        meep        meow        miss        
mmk         mml         moan        mole        moon        mooo        
mutter      nanook      nerd        nibble      ninethousandnod         
noodle      nowthan     nudge       nuzzle      ogg         orly        
oz          pace        pancake     pant        pat         patriot     
peck        peer        pervert     pet         picard      pie         
pimp        pinch       pointat     poke        ponder      pounce      
pout        powertrip   prance      preach      propose     protectinate
puke        punt        purr        putter      raa         raindance   
ranko       raspberry   ready       redneck     ribble      rice        
rofl        roll        rose        ruffle      rutroh      salute      
sbomb       scoff       scold       scowl       scratch     scream      
scuffle     scuttle     seppuku     shag        shake       shame       
shhh        shiver      shoo        shrug       shudder     shun        
sigh        sing        sith        skip        slam        slap        
smack       smile       smirk       smoke       smooch      snap        
snarl       sneer       sneeze      snicker     sniff       snifle      
snod        snore       snort       snowball    snuggle     spammm      
spank       spin        spit        spock       sprawl      squat       
ssnod       stalk       stare       steam       stefen      stomp       
stoned      stretch     strip       strut       suicide     suspect     
tackle      tapp        thank       threaten    tickles     tmi         
toast       torture     tweak       twiddle     twirl       twitch      
uh          valley      vegetate    view        violin      waffles     
wave        wedgie      whap        whimper     whine       whistle     
whittle     wibble      wiggle      willy       wince       wings       
wink        worship     wrestle     wrinkle     wrist       wtf         
xxp         yawn        zerbert      

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