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When done with no target specified:
    Self:    You begin to sway from the amount of alcohol you've consumed.
    Others:  Conan staggers around the room like Raven.

When targeting yourself:
    Self:    You wonder why you drank so much.
    Others:  You hear Conan swearing at himself in a very slurred tongue.

When targeting someone else:
    Self:    You stagger over to Sonja and proclaim your deep friendship with her.
    Others:  Conan staggers over to Sonja and nearly falls flat on his face.
    Target:  Conan staggers over to you and mumbles something incomprehensible with his bad breath.

When targeting someone else who isn't there:
    Self:    Where's the waitress when you need her?

When targeting an object:
    Self:    You angrily wave around a mud school diploma and threaten to slay anyone who gets in your way.
    Others:  Conan waves a mud school diploma around and threatens to slay you if you get in his way.

Social is flagged as:   SPOKEN  ANNOYANCE


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