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When done with no target specified:
    Self:    You prepare to fight to defend your territory and mates!
    Others:  Conan begins tearing up grass, hooting and running back and forth with a lateral crab-like movement.

When targeting yourself:
    Self:    You beat your chest and roar out your challenge!
    Others:  Conan slaps his chest with his open palms and begins hooting.

When targeting someone else:
    Self:    You express your disgust with Sonja in the most assertive manner you can think of.
    Others:  Conan craps into his hand and flings it at Sonja.
    Target:  Conan flings poo at you!

When targeting someone else who isn't there:
    Self:    Your impressive display of strength frightened them away.  Who's silverback now?

When targeting an object:
    Self:    You slam a mud school diploma around the room to see if it will break.
    Others:  Conan begins throwing around a mud school diploma and beating on it.

Creator/Author:  draak

Social is flagged as:   FRIEND_ONLY  HOSTILE  GROSS


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