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When done with no target specified:
    Self:    You don't even bother sorting your laundry before tossing it in the washer.
    Others:  Conan tosses his black and white clothes into the same washing machine.

When targeting yourself:
    Self:    You make the decision to do laundry, instead of sleeping. 
    Others:  Conan shambles away like a zombie to go do laundry.

When targeting someone else:
    Self:    You would love to kill Sonja but decide to do laundry instead.
    Others:  Conan considers killing Sonja but then decides to do his laundry instead.
    Target:  Conan considers killing you but has to do his laundry instead.

When targeting someone else who isn't there:
    Self:    You decide to put off doing laundry for another week.

When targeting an object:
    Self:    You eagerly look at using a mud school diploma, but then remember you have to do laundry tonight.
    Others:  Conan smiles happily at a mud school diploma, and then sighs loudly.

Creator/Author:  cygnus

Social is flagged as:   META


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