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When done with no target specified:
    Self:    You have started down the Dark Path.  Forever will it dominate your destiny.
    Others:  As Conan dons a black robe, his breathing becomes slow, raspy and mechanical.

When targeting yourself:
    Self:    In a fit of brilliance, you force choke yourself.
    Others:  Knowing Stefen is looking for him, Conan bows to the inevitable and force chokes himself.

When targeting someone else:
    Self:    You hold up your thumb and index finger, and force choke Sonja!
    Others:  Conan force chokes Sonja!
    Target:  Conan holds up his thumb and index finger, and you suddenly can't breathe!

When targeting someone else who isn't there:
    Self:    The Force is strong with this one.

When targeting an object:
    Self:    You grasp a mud school diploma and activate it.  A glowing red blade extends from either end.
    Others:  Conan grasps a mud school diploma tightly as a pair of glowing red blades extend from either end.

Creator/Author:  Stefen

Social is flagged as:   META


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