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Alter Aeon Area - A small village in the northern mountains

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Recommended Area Level:  42
Creator(s):              tarrant morpheus
Location:                The Continent of Ramanek

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Mines deep in the northern mountains
North          - Subterranean ruins
North          - Subterranean ruins, inner sanctum
West           - Grae Keep
Northwest      - Subterranean ruins, buried city

Related Quests -
Level 35       - Recovered the sword 'Blight'
Level 32       - Assaulted the elderly.
Level 34       - Chose death before dishonor, and committed seppuku.
Level 47       - Ransacked the ruins to gather items for a herbalist ...
Level 47       - Agreed to gather various metals for Quark the herbal...
Level 47       - Helped An alchemist to gather various metals for a t...


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