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Alter Aeon Area - The Ralnoth Mud School Museum

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Recommended Area Level:  29
Creator(s):              dentin
Location:                The Alter Aeon Mainland

Nearby Areas   -
Northeast      - Sewers under Ralnoth
North          - The City of Ralnoth
South          - The Old Mud University in Ralnoth
North          - Underground Chess Tournament
South          - L the Magnificent's Magical Topiary Garden

All great things must have a beginning and this is ours, the Mud School.
Once you begin your life in the world of Alter Aeon you might find yourself
here, one of the starting points of all newly created characters. Within the
school you are safe from outsiders and free to roam about without fear.

The first stop in your quest to graduate will be the armory.  The armorer of
the school will help outfit you with surplus equipment left behind from the
Ralnoth cityguards, giving you some minimal armor and a weapon or two.

Your first task will to be find the Mud School dungeon, where you can learn
to use your fighting skills on the magically animated "wimpy" monsters
provided by the school.  Don't forget to grab a candle on your way because
it's terribly dark down in the dungeon. These dungeon monsters will also have
some helpful surplus cityguard equipment, so don't forget to claim the prizes
of victory once you have defeated each of them.

After a few good kills in the dungeons you will be ready to leave the dungeon
and level your character. You can do this in the safety of the school as
well, and will find the trainer between the two main hallways that lead to
the dungeon. The trainer can help you gain levels, train your basic
statistics, and can teach rudimentary skills and spells that will aid you in
your battles to come.

You will also find a shop just west of the trainer where you may purchase
weapons, bags, food, and other various items to help you make your way
through this strange new world called Alter Aeon.  Just south of the shop is
the map maker, who sells many maps of the nearby and surrounding terrain.

Once you have gained a few levels in the mud school dungeon, you may want to
visit the newbie forest to the west of town.  Perhaps you could help vanquish
the bear that has been a problem for the hunters lately...

Those wishing to continue their education can find the Mud University due
east of the Mud School.  And those who wish to seek greater ventures should
check in at the Unholy Temple of Dentin, the central gathering point of

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