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Alter Aeon Area - The village of Albion

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              shadowfax draak
Location:                The Alter Aeon Mainland

Nearby Areas   -
Northwest      - Myconid colony under the Giftsmarsch
North          - The Giftsmarsch
South          - K'tin Lake
East           - The city of Natchsburg
West           - Mount Knochenaufsatz

Related Quests -
Level 36       - Became the Master of the Wild Hunt.
Level 35       - Thwarted an invasion of Albion
Level 35       - Brought Marikest under Combine tribute
Level 34       - Gave the sealed scroll case to satyr Regunus in the ...
Level 35       - Eliminated a gang of dangerous mercenaries from the ...

The village of Albion is one of the cities of the Dunn Hur -- a
geopolitical region within the Ash Mountains east of Jo'Kerin and the
northern edge of the K'tinga River Valley.

Albion itself is located west of Natchsburg, between the Giftsmarsch and
the Elwood forests. It is difficult to approach, surrounded by thick
forests and mountains, which has allowed the small community to flourish
independently within the shadow of larger powers that seek to control it.

The Counts of Albion have a close blood relationship with the Brightstones,
the disenfrachised nobility of Marikest. 

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