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Date:    2010 Aug  8 10:09
To:      all
From:    cagalli
Subject: Even More Chuck Norris Alter Facts
Chuck Norris has no Magic Resistance. The spells just know better not to 
touch him.

Chuck Norris fought in a clan war against Oblivion, Phoenix, Darkstar, and
Kindred by himself. He won within five minutes by roundhouse kicking the 

Chuck Norris ate the kitten..and then ate Evil Roy.

A certain village once stated that the roundhouse kick was the most useless
thing in existence. That's why we have the quest "Avenge the villagers."

Chuck Norris does not need to be summoned. He can show up wherever,
whenever, even if it's on another plane. His secret? He uses Locane as his
trusty steed.

Vivi once challenged Chuck Norris to a PK battle to prove who was the
ultimate badass of Alter Aeon. Chuck Norris won in one hit by backstabbing
Vivi with his beard. He got a Kaoken x 8.

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