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Date:    2015 Jan  1 23:28
From:    scrooge
Subject: Carols part 1
C1 christmas carol by Lexie

Gods rest ye anti-Dentin let nothing you dismay

We no longer celebrate each of his birthdays

Since Dentin turned 403 we've all become blasee

He's just old, older, oldest and that's all, we don't even call

He's just old, older, oldest and that's all

Gods rest ye anti-Dentin keep the factory online

Making us new mobs that we can murder every time

We kill them for the xp and we kill them while supine

We have fast waking and double attack, we stab in the back

We have fast waking and double attack

Gods rest ye anti-Dentin you shouldn't bat an eye

You can't complain if you have to compete with old Kenai

He didn't conquer A.A. and I'm sure then neither will I

It just never goes well for demons from hell, epic fail,

It just never works out for evil--end of tale.

C2 christmas carol by Lexie

Oh little town of Elborat how still we see the lights

We have an appointment with Z on the piers tonight

And in the streets so silent, we move quietly and sneak

We deliver goods, we get our pay, and we donate to squeak

C3 christmas carol Lexie

Joy to the mud our xp comes.

As gift and as mob kills

We get it for the fame, we get explorer points

Let the player base sing

Oh let the player base sing

Oh let the, yes let the, player base sing

C4 christmas carol by Lexie

Here comes a stone giant king on his own invasion

His forces encompass Ralnoth the whole damned giant nation

They're toating flaming axes and they're looking pretty pissy

Hope the players can stop this one, it looks to be messy

C5 christmas carol by Lexie

Deck the mobs with charge and parry

Falalalalala la la la la

They swarm us and that's really scary

Falalalala la la la la la

Don we now our mage cast level

Falalala lalala la la la

Level 53 web sends them to the devil

Falalalala la la la la la

C6 christmas carol by Lexie

I'm dreaming of a 2 clev item

Just like the ivory canes of yore

One with int and wis on't and one with cast abil points

To blast my enemies all gone

I'm dreaming of a two clev item

With every mudmail now I write

To Draak, Shadowfax, and like

To Mprheus, Dentin, so kind

C7 christmas carol by Lexie

There's a little necromancer there's a little necormancer

There's a little necromancer there

One with a clay man, one with a wood woad

Made from the way up stairs

Ghouls are feeding, necros bleeding, mobs are dying in the fight

Mummies cursing, vampires thirsting, let's have a blood sacrifice

C8 christmas carol by Lexie

Oh unholy knight

Of anti-Dentin wandering

It is your plight that makes everyone think

Oh unholy knight

Wandering over Ralnoth

Why don't you stop, get a girl, maybe get a drink.

Anti-Dentin doesn't give the best of paychecks

The preists of Dentin are known for slitting folks' necks

Get off the streets

Go to a guild bar man

Order you something strong and

Drink up and give up

Oh drink up and give up the fight

Drink up and give up

Drink up and give up the fight

C9 christmas carol by Lexie

Triggers spam ya

Triggers spam ya

Why must they idle in recall with triggers

Triggers spam ya triggers spam ya

Why can't they log out like a good person

Triggers spam ya triggers spam ya

C10 christmas carol by Lexie

I'm dreaming of an idle Christmas

With every advents gift I get

While I log in multies

And try to gull these

Shopkeepers into giving me more jobs

I"m dreaming of an idle Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the bots cast spell ups

And groups of fellas

Would retrieve corpses in the snow

I'm dreaming of an idle Christmas

With every board post that I write

May your gifts be useful and bright

And may you idle both Christmas day and night 

C13 christmas carol by Lexie  

Admins we have heard on chans Warning, moderating with bans Curbing player
exuberance But it's 3 in the morning here's our chance

Spam amamamam amamamam amamam all channels With group join requests

spam amamamam amamamamm amamam amamama all channels

That will be our jests

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