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Date:    2015 Jan  1 23:34
From:    scrooge
Subject: Carols part 2
C11 Sarvesh Roasting on an Open Fire by Colonel

Sarvesh roasting on an open fire,
Jacalope tripping over toes,
Bovine trolls being hung by a choir,
And noobs dressed up like druid hoes,
Everybody knows,
You should have maxed your stats by now,
And eq is easier to find,
Tiny tots and adults with some time,
Will find it all at Alter Aeon.

C12 silent night by Colonel  

Silent Night,
Boring night,
No groups found, 
To leech or bot.
Round and round the slot machine goes,
Maybe there's something in random help.
Sleep would be better than this,
But then a reboot I might miss.

C16 christmas carol by Lexie  

I need me a bigger weightless

I need me a bigger weightless

I need me a bigger weightless

I have too much gear

C17 christmas carol by Lexie

Dentin the admin

Had some really bitchin code

He made up skills and then some spells

And some classes for the road

Dentin the admin

He's the creator they say

He dotes upon Alter_aeon

In a ver yspecial way

There must have been resiliance in that old grad work he found

For when he put it on server it began to go to ground

Dentin the admin

Is building now some more

So shut up your face, we'll see you in space

When he shows us all the door.

C14 The Little Warrior Boy by Colonel

Come, they told me, pah rum pum pum pum,
Group join now for xp, pah rum pum pum pum
We need a tank you see, pah rum pum pum pum,
You'll take the hits for me, pah rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.
Then we'll heal for  you, pah rum pum pum pum, when you come.

C15 O Pumpkinhead to the tune of O Christmas Tree by Colonel

O Pumpkinhead, O Pumpkinhead,
How evil are your minions.
O Pumpkinhead, o Pumpkinhead,
You yearly seek dominion.
You send out ghosts, scarecrows and ghouls,
One year you tried large Frankensteins.
O Pumpkinhead, o Pumpkinhead,
With all you've done, we still love you.

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