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Date:    2010 Aug  6 14:29
From:    draak
Chuck Norris has -100 normsave.

Chuck Norris can hit ethereal mobs with his unarmed attacks.

If Chuck Norris were a builder, he'd build the most powerful equipment, the
most spectacular exp mobs and the most intricate, engrossing quests ever.
Too bad Chuck Norris doesn't build -- he only destroys.

Chuck Norris knows who's really a girl, so don't pretend.

Chuck Norris dares to attack gods.

Chuck Norris ran all the fame on Alter Aeon in 1 hour, when he was level 0,

Chuck Norris was the original Battle Master of the Tower of Power. He
stepped down because no one could ever defeat him.

Chuck Norris is ltype 0.

Chuck Norris taught Dentin how to code roundhouse kicks.

Chuck Norris once got a freak backstab for 104,246,413 damage. The
unfortunate mob's health wrapped several thousand times, leaving it alive
with 2 hitpoints. Chuck Norris was reportedly wielding a mud school dagger
at the time.

If you ever see a giant boot sailing out of the sky to kick someone into
another dimension, know that it belongs to Chuck Norris. He does this as a
favor to Dentin.

Thantos the Executioner is Chuck Norris's pansy little brother that he used
to pick on as a kid.

Chuck Norris doesn't cast resurrection. He just tells his groupmate's
corpse to get up, NOW. 

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