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Prev Msg   - Feb 16 00:33 (arawn) Tim's Torture Part X
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Date:    Feb 16 00:36
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part XI
You say, 'would you have?'

Kros tells the group, 'you are so inept you have to spam the shit out of dentin'

[confetti] Dentin: erk erk

Tim says, 'nod becasuuse you didnt read dentins post 35 on the bb'

You raise an eyebrow in question.

You say, 'would you have?'

Tim says, 'if you had read it you would know that it would not have mattered eventually'

Tim stops following you.

You say, 'tim just answer'

You say, 'would you have gone ppk had dentin not been here?'

Tim says, 'i said yeah i would becuase it would not have mattered'

Tim prays to Heart for transportation...
Tim disappears.

You make a hmm noise to let everyone know you are deep in thought.

I was so close.

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