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Date:    2012 Jun 15 19:19
From:    kagemaru
Subject: PMD story, part ii
I "swam" upward, trying to catch a reflection. I then realized that two or
three (yeah, three) things have changed.

My location, my life...

And most importantly, my species.

I had turned into one of those so-called Pokemon (I think Tododile was his name?).
Well, on the Odd-O-Meter, this would score at least six million. New

Another pokemon rushed into me and I was knocked down. It was all a blur
but when I was on the ground, I finally saw who knocked me down.

He was a Pikachu. And my in-game experience gave me a guess at his name...

"Name's Troy. What's yours? Oh, wait, lemme guess..."


"Oh, thank goodness, an actual name. I've never heard one of those for weeks..."

"Well, a simple 'hi' would be nice..."

"Fine... Hi."

"Thanks. Hello..."

That was the beginning of my journey...

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