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Date:    2012 Apr 22 16:47
To:      all
From:    rayquaza
Subject: coco's deaths, part 1
A fire dragon is here.
A fire dragon breathes fire!
That really did hurt!
Your pound scratches a fire dragon.
A fire dragon's fiery spit *** DESTROYS *** you!
You have been KILLED! (-744 hp)
bla bla bla
You tell the group, 'Why didn't you help me?'
Ritz tells the group, 'cuz we thot you had iut handled'
You tell the group, 'It was a level 62 aggro mob'
Ritz tells the group, 'ouch'
You tell the group, 'res me'
Riolu tells the group, 'virgo's out of mana i'll sum you ok?'
You have been summoned!
bla bla bla
You tell the group, 'where's my corpse?'
Riolu tells the group, 'oh, after pegasus took the gold (which was over
1500) we dumped it in the river'
You tell the group, 'please'
Pegasus tells the group, 'relax virgo has the corpse in her inventory'
Pegasus gossips, 'hey, we have an open slot for our xp run'
You gossip, 'thats not funny pegasus'

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