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Date:    Feb 16 00:33
From:    arawn
Subject: Tim's Torture Part X
Dentin stands here before you, his hair in a knot.
Kros is here.

The disfigured corpse of Tim is lying here.

You say, 'oh god'

Kros prays to Wyvren for transportation...
Kros disappears.

You tell the group, 'tim get summonable'

You jump up in the air and highfive Dentin!

You say, 'good catch'

Tim tells the group, 'i still want to know why it is so important to you that i go

You tell the group, 'just get summonable'

Tim tells the group, 'i am'

That character may not be disturbed from that place.

You go to sleep.

You tell the group, 'tim get summonable'

Tim tells the group, 'try now'

You wake up.

Tim suddenly appears out of thin air!

You grumble and mutter about something.l

You say, 'would you have?'

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