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Date:    2012 Jun 22 13:31
From:    kagemaru
Subject: PMD story, part iv
'A rescue team?'

'Yeah! All the great heroes and adventurers are in one!'

'Okay... I'll try to make one. Or do you want to?'

'You can name it. Do you know where the Guildmaster's Chamber is?'

Ok, I had to ask. I guess that was the beginning of our fiery, hot, crazy,
wacky, adventures took us. I said, 'Huh?'

'Lemme show ya.'

And Troy took me down the ladder into a huge room. Counters were
everywhwere, with two boards. Troy pointed to the only counter someone was
at. 'That's Chimecho's Teambilding Co.' Then he pointed to the left board.
'That's the General Missions Board.' He pointed to the right board. 'That's
the Outlaw Notice board.' Then he pointed to a door next to the Outlaw
Notice Board.

'And that's the door to The Guildmaster's chamber.'

Before we could get to the door, a Chatot blocked our path.

'So, you two are starting a rescue team?'

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