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Date:    2021 Sep 19 21:12
To:      all
From:    asuka
Subject: Dreams do come true
Last night I had a dream about a girl who was aspiring to be an f1 racer in a world
where the sport was dominated by men. She had a bunch of guy friends who were also
into the sport, some of whom raced professionally. One day, after demonstrating her
skills to them, they all got together for an afterparty at a pizza place. There she
made her wish known to them. "I want to be the very best!" she said. "I will race
until I've made it to the top, and overcome any obstacle that stands in my way."
They all reg
arded her with respect, and one of them looked at her and said solemnly, "Terra,
are you sure you want to do this? I will sponsor you if you're serious, and do whatever
is necessary to get you into a race, but there are a lot of dirty men with dirty
mouths in the sport, they're not gonna look as kindly on you as we do."  She thought
for a moment, then simply replied, "AS they say, shoot for the moon." Then her friend
answered her, we'll assemble a crew to get you set up with a suitable vehicle." "Thanks."
 said the girl with determination in her eyes. "I'll do my best!" A little later,
and everything was just about ready to go with regards to her new vehicle, when her
friend came up to her and said, "Bunch of idiots! They wouldn't know tallent if it
stared them in the face!" "What's wrong?" she asked. Her friend replied, "I went
round talking to a bunch of organizers, you wouldn't believe how many are dead set
against a woman in a race." "Did you find anyone who would have me at all?" "yeah,
just one, but 
he is very skepticle. Had to practically beg him to let you enter. If that wasn't
bad enough, I went to check the participant registry just now to make sure that everything
is ok, and they got your name wrong. Stupid bafoon! I told him your name was Terra!
How do you get Melissa from that?" The girl sighed and said, "I'm sorry for putting
you through this." "Nah, don't even mention it." said her friend. "I know tallent
when I see it. I want to see you succeed!" "So when and where is the race?" Her friend

tod her the day and where the track was, then said, "I'll see you there ok? You know
where it is, right?" "Yeah," she answered. "I'll be there." "Come early, so we can
get you set up and ready to go. Listen, I'll get the registry thing straightened
out, ok?" The girl nodded, and with that, her friend went on his way. At the time,
the girl was hanging out with a few of her girl friends who were all stood behind
her. One of them sitting nearby turne to her and said, "You nervous?" "You bet I
am." The other 
gil took her hand and gently said, "Hey, you're gonna do great ok? We'll all be there
cheering for you so you won't be alone. Race for the rest of us too, and show those
pigs who's queen of the tracks." The girl grinned and said, "Thanks, sis. I will."
On the day of the race, the girl was standing beside  her shiny new one-seater vehicle
when the organizer came up to her and said, "You the one supposed to be racing with
us today?" "I am," she replied. "Everything ok?" "I'm sorry, maam, but I'm afraid
regonna have to sit this one out." "What?!", cried the girl angrily. "Why?!" "Someone
else with priority has taken your spot, and for safety reasons, we can't have anymore
than eight racers at a time on this track." "No! I've come so far!" replied the girl
in desperation. "I'm sorry." said the man. At that moment, another participant, overhearing
the conversation, came up to them. It was her friend who had been working to get
her into a race. "She can have my spot." he said to the oranizer. "Huh?", asked 
th organizer. "What?", said the girl at the same time. The organizer turned to her
friend and said, "You sure about this? I got a lot of money riding on this race,
and you're the best racer we've got." "Absolutely!", he replied. "Well," answered
the organizer, sighing in resignation. "Alright, if you insist." Turning to the girl,
he sternly said, "You'd better not lose!" "I won't!", the girl answered, and the
organizer went on his way. "Good luck out there, Terra.", said her friend when the
organizer had 
goe out of earshot. "I'll be cheering for you." "I'll never forget this,", said the
girl with tearful eyes. "Thank you." Her friend touched her shoulder and answered,
"Like I said, don't mention it. C'mon, let me show you around the car." Afterwords,
he proceeded to do just that, introducing her to the gears, buttons and switches
necessary to run the vehicle at its maximum speed. Soon after that, all of the racers
were in position, including the girl who fought so hard for her dream. The countdown
, THREE! TWO! ONE! go!", and the racers were off! Excitement surged through the girl
as she quickly excellerated and pulled ahead of the other racers. The wail of her
engine sounded like a siren in her ears, and the swiftness of the wind brushed  stray
strands of her hair against her face. Soon, she was doing two laps for every one
that the other racers were doing, and through it all, the girl continued to feel
a comforting hand upon her right shoulder. "This is impossible," thought the girl.
"I'm the onl
y ne in here." "Do not be afraid," said an angelic figure floating beside her. "You're
doing great!" And this is where my dream ended. I do not know if the girl won the
race or not, but at the speed she was going, I suspect that she did. There is a scene
from a movie that comes to my mind as I reflect on this dream. It is from Sidekick,
about a boy suffering from azma who always fantasized about going on adventures with
his hero, chuck Norus. A series of events lead them to meeting and at the end of
the m
ove, the boy and Chuck Norus had a few last words. The boy said to him, "This is
almost like a dream come true.", to which Chuck Norus replies, "Dreams do come true,
if you want them bad enough." So I say to you  all today, if you have a noble dream
that you wish to pursue, never give up on it. Chase it with all your might, and don't
let any person stand in the way.

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